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Click Golf stocks a wide range of Golf Clubs, from major brands. Choose from an impressive range of golf clubs; Men's, Women's, or Juniors. 

We have formed strong relationships with brands, such as; Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, Mizuno, Ping, Titleist, and Wilson. You can also visit our Sale Golf Clubs section or choose one of our exclusive Complete Golf Club Sets.

If you need assistance, read our blog for advice and tips! 

Golf Driver

A golf driver will tee you off to a great start on the golf course. Click Golf stocks products from leading brands who create innovative products using advanced technologies. To achieve the best results, many golfers opt for a family of Golf Clubs which complement each other to create a distinctive look and gain envy. 

We carry all leading golf drivers with a selection of golf clubs for women and junior golfers too. Ladies may wish to browse our selection of complete sets, which are available with a cart bag, to create a stylish look from their golf equipment. 

Golf Fairway Wood

Find the fairway, with a smaller clubhead and flatter face, for a controlled approach to go the distance. A high loft generates height to get you out of the turf and over small obstacles. Playing a shorter hole off the tee, with a fairway wood will land you in prime position. 

Golf Hybrid

The Hybrid closes the gap in your golf bag, by creating a design that combines aspects from both woods and irons. Generate power at launch using a low trajectory and small low-loft clubface. The rescue wood or replacement iron will swing and perform similarly to iron but at a lower club speed to cut through turf and sand.

Golf Irons

Get your ball out of tricky hazards, or from fairway to green on those shorter holes by relying on shorter shafts and smaller clubheads. Choose from Steel or Graphite shafts in a Regular, Stiff, or Senior flex to create a compatible set for your swing characteristics. Typically a set of irons will include 7 clubs, with gradually decreasing shaft lengths and an increase in clubhead weights. 

Golf Wedges

A family of wedges can be used in harmony to cover a range of shots. Find your perfect combo of loft and bounce to generate a series of shots from any lie on the course. Preparation is key!  

Pitching Wedge 

Typically used from the fairway or rough to lay up shots with a distance of 100 - 125 yards. Utilise with a chip shot to produce high accuracy, or with a putting motion for a bump and run from the rough or fringe.

Gap Wedge

Next in the series, a gap wedge carries about 90-110 yards. Adopting a bounce of 5-8° will get you out of the bunker, but equally, you can customise the bounce as you desire to cover the areas you face. 

Sand Wedge

Get out of the bunker with a sand wedge. Advantageous in soft lies, such as thick rough, or mud. Cover 80-100 yards as a skilled golfer, and throw in a chip shot to produce a lob of roughly 20-60 yards.  

Lob Wedge

Typically the highest loft of the wedges, and used for special shots which desire an extreme launch angle or a very short distance of carrying, with little rolling distance.  

Golf Putter

Make more putts. Finish your game with impactful performance, and get a putter which will change your game.

Package Sets

Complete sets of golf clubs will offer everything you need. Purchase a whole bag of golf equipment and head straight onto the golf course. A complete set typically includes; Driver, Fairway Wood, Wedges, Golf Irons, Putter, and Bag.

Affordable Golf Clubs

Click Golf ensures that all of our products are affordable and add value to your game. We have an impressive range of cheap golf clubs for sale. 

Be sure to check our Price Promise Guarantee. We promise to match the lowest prices for customers who shop with our online golf store. We also offer finance, so you can play now and pay later! 

Play Now, Pay Later

Purchase the best golf clubs using finance payments. Buy Klarna Golf Clubs on 0% Finance. Find out more by visiting our dedicated area.

Second Hand Golf Clubs

Our eBay store has become a centre for second-hand Golf Clubs. We make our demo golf clubs and shop soiled display products purchasable at a reduced price. This will include Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra! 

For more advice about golf clubs, you could consider a custom fitting experience or speak to our golf experts in customer service.

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