Golf Woods 

Click Golf provides golfers with an incredible range of golf clubs to choose from that have been designed, engineered and created by some of the biggest golf brands in the world so that when you are swinging your golf clubs you know you have the best engineering possible for a great performance possible.

You will often hear golfers mention the different types of golf woods that they use or which ones they prefer. While the golf larger golf clubs in the past were made primarily from wood most companies such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping and Titleist all use metal material mixes when designing their clubs. But, to avoid confusing everyone with a new name for the clubs everyone still calls them golf woods.

The range of golf woods that are available here at Click Golf provides golfers with the ability to view some of the best Golf Drivers, Fairway woods, Golf Hybrids, Crossovers and Rescue Woods on the market today from brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Cobra and Mizuno so that you can get the most out of your golf game.


A Golf Driver is one of the most important golf woods that you need in your bag. This is because a driver is the golf club that launches a golf ball further than any other golf club and so it is vital to have one if you want to be able to get to the green in the shortest number of strokes possible.

Golfers need to ensure that they have the right golf clubs in their bag to create brilliant performances, and for a golf driver, you need to be able to have a club that can fire the golf ball down the fairway with incredible power while still having great ball flight and accuracy with every shot off the tee.

One of the best golf drivers on the market right now is the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver. Callaway has designed this golf club to feature the best combination of distance and forgiveness with a high MOI clubhead that uses a slight draw bias that's suited to golfers of all skill levels. 

Features such as the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge and clubface that have been designed using artificial intelligence allow golfers to create incredible ball speed and distance, while also providing enough forgiveness so that on mishits players can expect a great shot down the fairway. 

Fairway Woods

A Fairway Wood is one of the golf clubs that is invaluable when on the golf course, especially when playing higher par holes. On certain golf courses even after hitting an incredibly powerful shot from the tee, there is still a lot of fairway between you and the green. A fairway wood is the perfect tool that is able to generate similar power as a driver, but with a design that can loft the golf ball up into the air for faster stopping power closer to the green. 

Of the wide selection of golf clubs that are available, the Titleist TSi 3 Fairway Wood is one of the most popular golf clubs that is used by a number of players on Tour such as Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Patrick Cantlay. This golf driver has been designed by Titleist using advanced aerodynamics, optimised weight distribution and high-speed arc technology to create a fairway wood that is faster off of both the turf and the tee to create longer distances on shots while also providing incredible accuracy. 


Most golfers know which golf clubs work best for them, the type of weighting they like, clubhead size and the shaft length that works best for them. That is where a Hybrid golf club comes in. a hybrid golf club is perfect for golfers who want to have the distance and ball speed that is generated when using a fairway wood, but enjoy the clubhead size and feel of long irons. 

The Ping G425 Golf Hybrid is one of those golf clubs, with its design that has focused on the distance that can be created while still being able to generate plenty of spin for shots approaching the greens. 

This Ping hybrid features a steel face wrap that uses high-strength steel in the crown and sole of the club head to allow for the face to flex more to allow for faster ball speed and therefore distance. This flexible face then uses an innovative face curvature that changes the roll of the golf ball off the face to create a higher spin rate.  

Golf Putters

Golf Putters

Players need a good putter to complete their game of golf successfully. Otherwise, all the hard work and skill that has been put into creating brilliant drives off the tee, fairway shots, and iron shots could be wasted. Having the right putter can be the difference between a Birdie or a Bogey on every hole.

Compared to older golf putters from decades ago there have been a number of advancements made to ensure you have the best golf club to offer accurate putts on every green. Features such as new face inserts that help provide the perfect amount of power on every shot and golf putters with a milled face that forces the golf ball to roll immediately without any bouncing. 

There are also a number of golf putters that include alignment aids in their design, such as the triple track design that helios golfers line up their putts perfectly. 

Best Putters

At Click Golf there is an incredible range of golf putters that are available from some of the best manufacturers in the world that know all about how to get the most out of a golfer's short game, such as TaylorMade, Ping, Odyssey, Cobra and Titleist

The putters that are available all feature incredible technological advancements to help golfers any way they can to see the golf ball roll into the hole. Advancements such as alignment tool, perimeter weighting, shaft weight and face designs all play a key role when lining up for a putt. 

Left Handed Putters

There are almost a billion people on earth who are left handed, so it makes sense that many golfers would need to use a left handed putter when out on the golf course. Here at Click Golf, we have a brilliant range of left handed putters that provide golfers with the accuracy and ball control they need to create perfect putts on the greens.   

Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron Putters are known for their incredible craftsmanship that helps to create some of the best feeling putters on the market today. The newest putter in their incredible range is the Scotty Cameron Phantom X, which has been created to feature several variations and styles to ensure that every golfer has the right putter to match their putting stroke for the best results possible.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom provides golfers with a golf club that provides incredible performance on the green with great alignment benefits for a mallet putter that feels like a blade putter.

Odyssey Putters

Odyssey has released a brilliant range of putters in 20220 that all offer incredible performance and design for improved results on the greats. 

The White Hot OG putter has been created to use the world-famous White Hot insert which has been providing incredible performances for over 20 years. This insert allows golfers to experience the same performance that has helped professionals win so many majors in the past. 

The Odyssey Eleven putter has been designed to increase the amount of forgiveness that was previously available in the Ten series. This allows golfers to can create putts with incredible accuracy while also using new alignment tools that make sure you know exactly where your golf ball will set to roll for even more accurate finishes. 

And Toulon design putters that feature a deep diamond groove mill pattern on the faces of these golf clubs to enhance the feel of each putt while also creating their most consistent and best rolling Toulon putters ever. 

Ping Putters

Ping has created four new putters with the PLD range so that golfers can experience amazing precision on the greens while being able to recreate this accuracy consistently on every putt. For increased performance Ping has also included perimeter weighting in the head of each putter so that golfers are able to play with plenty of control and accuracy on the greens.

Remember to check out all the incredible golf putters that are available here at Click Golf and make sure that you get the most out of your game.

TaylorMade Putters

TaylorMade has designed an incredible range of putters with the TaylorMade Spider GT range. All of the putters in this series offer incredible performance thanks to the use of TaylorMade’s Pure Roll technology. This technology has been used because of the way it helps a golf ball to roll forward much more consistently for more consistent and smoother putts.

All of the putters in the Spider GT range offer different performances depending on the type of putting form golfer plays with or the amount of forgiveness they need when on the greens

Golf Wedges

Golf Wedges

So that golfers always have the right golf club they need to easily play their ball out of tricky situations, such as being stuck in a bunker or trying to make a brilliant approach shot without overshooting the green, Click offers a great range of wedges. With golf wedges available from some of the biggest and best golf brands in the world, such as Ping, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno and Wilson Staff

There are a number of golf wedges that are on the market that provide incredible control and performance anywhere around the green so that you can easily launch the golf ball up and land perfect for an opportunity to sink an easy putt. 

Golf wedges come in a number of different designs that all feature different lofts to be used in different situations. If you look at a wedge set you will find each golf club is different because of the angle that which the club head has been placed. 

Golf wedges can range from 45 degrees to 64 degrees to allow golfers to choose how far they want to be able to launch the golf ball and whether or not they want it to land and roll or come to a sudden stop. 

The different lofts, and gaps between the grooves on each club face, can allow for different types of shots to be made when approaching the green. There are golf wedges that are perfect for flop shots that instantly go up and back down, or wedges that need a little more distance so force the ball further.

Lob Wedge

A lob wedge is a golf club that can allow golfers to create a brilliant shot onto the green so that your golf ball is set up perfectly for an easy putt. This club is best suited for when your golf ball is already quite close to the greens as it allows for much more height and spin on the ball. 

This performance means that you can easily create a flop shot that can get over tall lips approaching the greens but have enough spin to allow the golf ball to come to an immediate stop and avoid rolling further from the hole. 

A fantastic option for a lob wedge is the Ping Glide Forged Pro Wedges which allows golfers to create a brilliant connection with the golf ball for the maximum spin possible. 

Sand Wedge

The Sand Wedge is probably the only golf club that tells you exactly where it will perform best, but as the name suggests a Sand Wedge is the perfect golf club for when your golf ball has found its way into a bunker. 

There are varying sand wedge lofts that allow golfers to have a golf club that will be able to make a brilliant connection with the golf ball while avoiding digging into the sand and creating a shot that isn’t able to carry the ball onto the green. 

A perfect golf club for this situation is the Cleveland CBX Golf Wedge which provides the performance and loft needed while having the sole shape for greater connection with the sand so that when using Cleveland Wedges there's minimal risk of digging into the sand.

Gap Wedge

The Gap wedge, which you might hear people calling an attack wedge or utility wedge, tends to have a clubhead that has an angle of 50 to 53 degrees. This wedge is suited for shots that require distance for longer approach shots to the green but also needs to be able to force the golf ball to dip faster than what a pitching wedge can offer. Great for a variety of shots played near the green that doesn’t require a full swing or longer chip.

The Titleist SM9 Vokey Wedge is the perfect golf club for golfers who are looking for a brilliant performance on the golf course. A great selection of grinds on the sole of the golf club allows for greater interaction with the grass and sand while also having a club face that creates greater contact with the golf ball. 

TaylorMade Wedges 

TaylorMade is known for making great wedges that help you hit the ball higher and spin it more, making it easier to get out of rough turf and stick your shots on the green.

A TaylorMade such as the TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 offers golfers maximum spin of the golf ball thanks to the micro-rib face that features a more textured surface to create enough spin and precision on pitch shots and full shots to the green.

Callaway Wedges

This Callaway Wedge has been created so that golfers have the confidence and control for all types of wedge shots. The Callaway Jaws golf wedge has been designed to improve your shots from chips, flops, pitches, bunkers short and full shorts onto the greens. This wedge is also built to perform on mid and full-wedge shots with fantastic turf interaction.

Mizuno Wedges 

As a manufacturer of golf clubs, Mizuno is known for making some of the very best with expert crafting techniques and engineering that allow golfers to create incredible shots approaching the greens. 

The Mizuno T22 wedges are some of the best golf wedges available because of how much spin can be created off the face of the club. This golf club allows golfers to play with the confidence that when the golf ball makes contact with the surface of the green its less likely to roll away from a potential easy putting position. 

Cobra Wedges

Cobra Golf's King Snakebite Satin Wedges are a nostalgic throwback to the rich history and evolution of Cobra Golf.

The snakebite groove design that has been used provides sharper, deeper grooves and a traditional, full face length, have been included in the design of this golf club to maximise your spin and produce a 'bite' around the greens.

Golf Irons

Golf Irons

Making sure you have the right golf irons is important for every golfer as having the right golf irons sets or playing with either a steel shaft or graphite shaft can be the difference between a perfectly played shot towards the green or a shot that isn’t able to get the launch and distance needed for a low scoring game. 

Best Irons

At Click Golf we provide golfers with the opportunity to browse some of the best irons in the world that provide incredible performances and control on every shot. Our range of irons has been designed and engineered by some of the most successful brands in golf such as Callaway, Mizuno, Ping, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist and more.

The incredible range of golf irons available at Click Golf allows golfers of all skill levels and experience the ability to own a set of golf irons that are able to create fantastic performances with incredible power and control on every shot.

There are many golfers who find that they are able to create magical shots from anywhere on the golf course when they have a set of golf irons that they prefer. The same is true for golfers of different levels, such as a new golfer playing with a cavity back golf iron that provides the help needed to launch the golf ball up in the air while providing enough accuracy to really attack the greens.

TaylorMade Irons

For golfers who are looking for a set of irons to help improve their skills on the course while still being able to play a competitive round of golf, Click Golf stocks the TaylorMade Stealth irons. These TaylorMade golf irons are another brilliant set of game improvement golf clubs that have been designed to prioritise distance on every shot without affecting the accuracy so that mid-to-high handicap players are able to create amazing approach shots to the green.

Mizuno Irons

Mizuno is known for crafting some of the best looking and performing golf clubs for players to experience with engineering techniques that get the most out of every piece of material used. The engineers at Mizuno often use more traditional techniques that take more time to create each golf club, but the results that come from the extra time are brilliant.

At Click Golf we stock some of the best Mizuno irons on the market, with golf clubs such as the Mizuno Pro 225 Golf Irons. These irons are perfect for golfers who want to be able to play long approach shots to the green as well as pinpoint accurate shorter shots. They are ideal for elite players who play with low to mid handicaps

Titleist Irons

Finding the right golf clubs can be a very long task, but being able to find a set of irons that offer brilliant game improvement while also being incredible value for money seems almost impossible. The Titleist T300 irons are the perfect set of golf clubs for players who want to be able to create powerful distance on their shots while also still having plenty of control and forgiveness too. 

The T300 irons provide golfers with improved launch and distance that is brilliant for golfers who need some extra power to their shots to make longer approach plays to the green. While providing plenty of power these golf clubs also offer maximum forgiveness and stability so that you have the confidence you need to play your best golf.

Ping Irons

Experienced and skilful golfers who are looking for that little bit extra to create incredible performances on the golf course would love to play with the Ping i59 forged irons. These Ping irons provide golfers with a greater feel and consistent impact with the golf ball to create fantastic distance and control on every swing while also providing added forgiveness for those trickier shots to the green. Ping is known for making some of the best golf clubs on the market, and the i59 irons are definitely up there.

Callaway Irons

Are you looking for a golf club that offers incredible distance on your golf swing while still having enough control to ping your golf ball straight down the fairway to the green? 

The Callaway Rogue ST Pro golf irons offer you the distance and control you need thanks to the A.I designed flash face that allows the golf ball to explode off the golf club while having new precision tungsten weighting in the clubhead to increase forgiveness and launch on every shot. These Callaway irons are an incredible option for golfers looking for a set of game improvement golf clubs.

Cobra Irons

The Cobra LTDx Golf Irons have been designed to offer golfers a golf club that provides maximum flex on the face of the club to provide incredible ball speeds and distance on every shot. These Cobra irons are a brilliant set of golf clubs for golfers who need a little added help to generate ball speed, while also offering plenty of stability and forgiveness so that long approach shots to the green can still be made even on off-centre shots.

At Click Golf we also offer a brilliant range of golf clubs for women golfers and junior golfers that offer incredible performance consistently. 

Golf Club Sets

Golf Club Sets 

There is an incredible range of golf club sets for golfers to choose from so that you can get all the clubs you need to be able to go to your favourite golf course and play a brilliant round of golf. 

Almost all golf club sets come with a full set of irons, woods, driver and mallet putters so you just need a bag to head on out. But, there are also starter sets that allow a beginner golfer to instantly be ready to go out and play by including either a cart bag or stand bag with the set. 

Having a golf club set is an easy way to get into the sport of golf without having to buy a number of different golf clubs and possibly putting together a set that won’t help you. A set of golf clubs have been specifically designed to work with each other so that the power that may come with the driver is matched by the control and feel of the irons. 

Golf Club Sets For Men

At Click Golf we have an incredible range of golf club sets that are perfect for experienced golfers who are looking for a set of game improvement golf clubs or for first-time golfers who are looking for a set of golf clubs that provide excellent performance on the golf course while also being incredible value for money.

Best Golf Clubs For a Beginner

For people who are starting to play golf for the first time, it makes sense to purchase a set of golf clubs that aren’t too expensive but offer all the golf clubs you need to start playing great golf out on the golf course.

One of the best sets of golf clubs that are available for beginners to use is the Wilson 1200 package set. This set of golf clubs is perfect for beginners because of the incredible bargain of having 10 golf clubs, a golf bag and protective headcovers all for an incredibly low price. 

Package sets like these are perfect for new golfers because of the way they are weighted which helps to provide maximum forgiveness on each shot. Another advantage of these golf clubs is the use of graphite shafts on the driver, fairway wood and hybrid golf clubs which helps to increase the height that the ball flight for golfers who might not have the fastest speed to their golf swing to get up in the air. 

The irons are fitted with steel shafts which are more durable and provide much more feel and control on shots, while the putter that is included offers brilliant stability and alignment to make it much easier for first-time golfers to make easy putts consistently. 

One of the other great benefits of purchasing a package set of golf clubs as a beginner is that you also get a golf bag included in the set too, which can sometimes cost more than £100 for a simple golf bag. 

Used Golf Clubs

Our Click Golf eBay account provides golfers with an incredible range of used golf clubs,  that are in brilliant condition so that you are able to experience state of the art golf clubs for a fraction of the price. There are also a brilliant selection of package sets of golf clubs too that allow new golfers to get their first set of golf clubs for a brilliant price to start growing your skills on the golf course. 

Junior Golf Clubs

If you have a son or daughter with who you’d like to share your passion for golf, or maybe they have discovered golf on their own and want to take their first steps playing the game Click Golf has a brilliant range of junior golf clubs and golf club sets. 

The Callaway Junior XJ package set is one of the sets of junior golf clubs that are in stock at Click Golf that are the perfect option for younger golfers who are starting to play for the first time. 

This set of golf clubs is often available in three separate options. There are sets that are suitable for 3 to 5-year-olds, 5 to 8-year-olds and 9 to 12-year-olds so that you are able to get the right golf clubs that will work best for their age and height. 

All the clubs have graphite shafts, the irons are perimeter weighted for easier launch and extra forgiveness and the Odyssey mid-mallet that is included has multiple alignment aids and a soft insert for a better feel. 

The whole set has been designed to look similar to the clubs that are used by adults so any child using them will instantly feel part of the fraternity of golfers. 

The perfect set for younger players who want to get into golf or progress to their next set of clubs.

Iron Sets

At Click Golf we stock an incredible range of some of the best irons in the world today that provide incredible performances and control on every shot. Our range of irons have been designed and engineered by the biggest brands in golf such as Callaway, Mizuno, Ping, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist and more.

When browsing the irons we have in stock you have the ability to order a single golf club, to complete your already impressive set, or order a complete set that includes a number of wedges too. By ordering a complete set of irons you are able to experience the performance of each golf club that has been specifically designed to flow perfectly together in their performances so that you have an iron for every situation on the golf course.

Left Handed Golf Club Sets

On all of the expertly engineered and crafted irons that we have in stock, we offer a brilliant selection of left handed golf club sets for irons. To ensure that you are getting the best golf club to suit your game and playing style you will be able to purchase a full set of left handed golf clubs that offer the right type of shaft flex you need to be able to perform at your best on the golf course.


At Click Golf we have an incredible range of golf club accessories that can be used to protect your golf club from any potential damage, help to keep them clean and tidy or just to have an added eye-catching item in your golf bag.


Headcovers are an important item for any golfer to have in their golf bag as they help to keep the head of your golf club protected from the elements as well as any possible damage from travelling to and from the golf course. 

Because larger clubs such as drivers, 3 woods, 5 woods and hybrid golf clubs are made out of incredibly lightweight materials that help to generate faster golf swings and golf ball speed they can be at risk of serious damage if they hit anywhere other than the face of the club. Golf head covers provide cushioned protection to make sure that if the head of the golf club is knocked when being placed in your golf bag or the boot of your car that they are still in perfect condition. 

Golf Grips 

Golf Grips are a very important part of a golf club as it allows you to have the perfect about of grip and feel so that powerful golf swings can be created without the risk of having the club fly out of your hands. The grip also means golfers are able to have a better feel of how you are hitting the golf ball to make it much easier to know how much power each shot requires for increased accuracy with each golf club. 

Golfpride grips are a brilliant option for every golfer to regrip their driver, woods, wedges and irons for improved feel and performance out on the fairways. There are also a great range of putter grips that allow for much more response on every putt so that you know exactly how much power you need to use to easily get the ball to the hole.

Brush Cleaner

Keeping your golf clubs clean is essential for every golfer because of the way that a build up of dirt or water can negatively affect the performance of your golf clubs. 

Items such as brush cleaners and golf towels make sure that your golf clubs are maintained so that even after a long day of playing in wet and muddy conditions your clubs will still provide the excellent performance the next time you are out on the golf course.

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Callaway Rogue ST 2022 Golf Clubs

Callaway Golf have launched the Rogue ST Series, which includes ground-breaking technology, stylish reimagining's and upgrades on existing hallmarks of Callaway clubs.

The A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frame, which has been featured before in Callaway's Drivers, Hybrids and Fairway Woods has been tweaked and redesigned to offer even more speed across the face of the clubs, while also allowing for additional support and stability. 

An all new jailbreak system has been created for the Hybrids to allow players to generate even greater levels of power and reach much farther distances. This has been achieved by pushing the Jailbreaks to the perimeter of the face, allowing for additional stiffness, but still allowing for the face to flex after contact with the ball, leading to even higher ball speeds and distance.

The wide range of drivers that are featured in this series are incredible feats of engineering that have been designed to get the most out of a players game, no matter what level of golfer they are. 

The Drivers features Callaway's breakthrough in driver performance with an industry-leading innovation - the all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge. These weighted cartridges are placed inside the head of the club to adjust the center of gravity to increase ball speeds, even on shots that have been played off-center, to create a set of powerful clubs that offer maximum range with equal levels of forgiveness.

Callaway have also managed to push the innovations in their already incredible Irons, by using their patented Urethane Microsphere, a technology which absorbs undesirable vibrations on impact without affecting the speed at which the ball comes off the face. These microspheres have now been pushed further up the face in the Rogue Irons (up to the 6th groove of the face) to not only enhance the sound of the club connecting with the ball, but to also deliver a pure feel while maintaining fast ball speeds. 

And as is the norm with most of Callaway's products, their industry leading Artificial Intelligence design technology has been at the forefront of many of the designs in the Rogue ST line-up, with famous game changing club faces such as the Flash Face and  455 Face Cup. With the faces of the clubs being created to not only give golfers incredible power on their shots, in all conditions, but to also offer as much control as possible with incredible shot shaping, stability and accuracy.  

TaylorMade Stealth 2022 Golf Clubs

TaylorMade have launched the Stealth series, a set of golf clubs that features new innovations in the golf industry, upgrades on already adored and proven technologies, and a key focus on providing golfers with incredible power and accuracy. 

The Drivers that are on offer in the Stealth series have been designed with the key focus of getting as much power as possible at the tee, while still offering plenty of forgiveness per shot. This combination of power and forgiveness has been made possible by TaylorMade using the new 60X Carbon Twist Face technology. 

This technology uses sixty layers of carbon fiber and pairs it with TaylorMade’s famous Twist Face design to create drivers that are 44% lighter than those using titanium. This weight saving has meant that the size of the face has been able to be increased which means that there is a much larger surface area to ensure better contact with the ball, resulting in increased distance, ball speed and forgiveness. 

The Fairway Wood and Rescue in this series features TaylorMades new 3D Carbon Crown design. This construct allows for weight to be pulled away from the high toe area meaning that more of the weight is positioned at the back of the club, allowing for optimal forgiveness and maximum playability. 

TaylorMade have also made sure that their Carbonwoods feature their Speed Pocket™ Technology which increases the distance that players can generate on their shots by being designed to maximise ball speeds. But this technology is especially useful for golfers who may often strike the ball lower on the face, as it provides additional forgiveness. 

The Irons in this series use the Cap Back™ Design, a tie wrapping construction which increases the distance, forgiveness and feel benefits from what the original Cap Back™ Design was able to produce. This new engineering technique has shifted weight from the extreme high toe of the club, and moved it to the sole. This weight movement has created an extremely low centre of gravity which has helped TaylorMade create irons that are easy to launch with brilliant trajectory throughout the set. 


Along with the Cap Back™ Design, the irons also include the ECHO® Damping System which is located behind the entire face. This system uses a soft polymer blend and multiple contact points to reduce harsh vibrations, predominantly felt on distance shots, allowing for the energy to be absorbed and dispersed without affecting the movement in the face, reading a forged-loke feel. 



  • Ping

    G410 PLUS Adjustable Driver

    RRP £449.00

      Introducing the NEW! G410 Plus Driver from PING Golf.  Movable-weight technology offers a simple way to customise the G410 Plus Driver for the desired ball flight - so you can swing fearlessly and hit a lot more fairways. Trajectory...

  • Cobra

    King SPEEDZONE Golf Hybrid

    RRP £189.00

    Cobra King SPEEDZONE Golf Hybrids DELIVERING A NEW LEVEL OF POWER, SPEED AND DISTANCE. The Cobra King SPEEDZONE Hybrids are equipped with new Hollow BAFFLER Split Rails. These Rails create a 70% larger hot spot area from heel to toe for higher launch and...

  • Cobra

    FLY XL Golf Irons - Steel

    RRP £3,213.00

    Cobra FLY XL Golf Irons - Steel The Fly XL Irons have been designed to optimise distance, consistency, and accuracy to get you them low scores.  A fantastic iron set, they are perimeter weighted for maximum forgiveness to ensure you stay on...

  • Ping

    G410 SFT Adjustable Driver

    RRP £449.00

     Introducing the NEW! G410 SFT Driver from PING Golf.  The G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) provides maximum fade and slice correction while delivering all the performance benefits of the G410 Plus such as a high MOI and faster ball speed...

  • Ping

    G410 LST Adjustable Driver


      Ping G410 LST Adjustable Driver  The high-MOI model has been engineedered by Ping to produce a lower, and more stable spin with shot-shaping control within the G410 series innovative weight technology. The compact, multi-material...

  • Cobra

    KING PUR-S Black Golf Wedge

    RRP £119.00

    Cobra KING PUR-S Black Golf Wedge Cobra Golf has created the KING PUR-S Golf Wedge to provide golfers with the perfect golf club that can easily get your golf ball onto the greens with precision while having enough spin to make sure it stays exactly...

  • Cobra

    KING CUDA Single Bend Golf Putter

    RRP £239.00

    Cobra KING CUDA Single Bend Golf Putter The KING CUDA Single Bend Golf Putter has been designed by Cobra to allow golfers to experience a golf club that offers incredible stability and feel while offering unmatched roll consistency.  Cobra has...

  • Cobra

    KING CUDA 40 Golf Putter

    RRP £239.00

    Cobra KING CUDA-40 Golf Putter The KING CUDA-40 Golf Putter has been designed by Cobra to allow golfers to experience a golf club that offers incredible stability and feel while offering unmatched roll consistency.  This golf club has been designed...

  • Cobra

    KING 3D Printed SUPERNOVA Golf Putter

    RRP £309.00

    Cobra KING 3D Printed SUPERNOVA Golf Putter The KING 3D Printed SUPERNOVA Golf Putter has been designed by Cobra to provide golfers with an oversize fang shape golf club that uses new SIK Face Technology that delivers the straightest and truest rolls on...

  • Cobra

    KING 3D Printed GRANDSPORT 35 Golf Putter

    RRP £309.00

    Cobra KING 3D Printed GRANDSPORT 35 Golf Putter The KING 3D Printed GRANDSPORT 35 Golf Putter has been designed by Cobra Golf to provide golfers with a putter that has been 3D printed to offer brilliant MOI and stability on every putt on the greens...

  • Ping

    Sigma 2 Fetch Platinum

    RRP £199.00

    Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Platinum Putter A distinctive golf-ball-size center hole in this new design allows you to pick up the ball or remove it from the cup with the putter head and not have to bend down. This circular shape allows for efficient...

  • Cobra

    KING 3D Printed AGERA Golf Putter

    RRP £309.00

    Cobra KING 3D Printed AGERA Golf Putter The KING 3D Printed AGERA Golf Putter has been designed by Cobra to provide golfers with a golf club that provides incredible stability on the greens while also being highly forgiving and offers consistent...

  • Cobra

    King SPEEDZONE Golf Irons - Steel

    £99.00 - £499.00

    Cobra King SPEEDZONE Golf Irons - Steel Introducing the King SPEEDZONE Men's Golf Irons from Cobra Golf. Delivering ultra-low CG and increased ball speed thanks to Cobra's first ever carbon fiber topline. The Cobra SPEEDZONE Irons feature a breakthrough...

  • Odyssey

    X-Act Tank Golf Chipper

    RRP £129.00

    Odyssey X-Act Tank Chippers  Built to get you up and down! The X-Act Tank Chipper is a new short-game option that utilizes our Tank weighting philosophy to help ensure a smoother swing, promoting more consistent contact. It’s...

  • Odyssey

    Red 2-Ball Ten S Tour Lined Golf Putter

    RRP £329.00

    Odyssey Red 2-Ball Ten S Tour Lined Golf Putter The Odyssey Red 2-Ball Ten S Tour Lined Golf Putter has been designed using a head shape that has been loved by players on the Tour, especially when the design helps win Majors.   Using a...

  • Odyssey

    Red Ten Triple Track S Golf Putter

    RRP £329.00

    The Red Ten Triple Track S Golf Putter has been created by Odyssey to provide golfers with a putter that allows for pinpoint alignment on every putt for more accurate shots while also offering incredible speed and control on the greens.  When...

  • Odyssey

    Red Ten Triple Track OS Golf Putter

    RRP £329.00

    Odyssey has created the Red Ten Triple Track OS Golf Putter to provide golfers with a putter that provides incredible alignment and accuracy on the greens while also being able to create incredible speed and control with every shot. This golf club uses...

  • Odyssey

    Red Ten S Golf Putter

    RRP £329.00

    The Red Ten S Golf Putter has been created by Odyssey to provide golfers with a putter that offers incredible speed and control when putting while also enhancing the accuracy that a golfer can play with.  When creating this golf club Odyssey has...

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