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Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods at Click Golf

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At Click Golf we have an incredible range of Fairway Wood golf clubs that have been created by some of the biggest brands in golf such as TaylorMadeCallawayCobraPingWilsonTitleistMizuno and more.

The brilliant range of golf clubs that are available at Click Golf provides golfers with a range of fairway woods that are able to easily launch a golf ball down the fairway with incredible speed while maintaining amazing accuracy on every shot. 

Making sure that you have the right fairway wood can help to improve your golf game immensely by allowing you to launch the golf ball up the fairway with incredible power while still having enough control and accuracy. There are a number of different fairway woods that all feature different degrees of loft to allow you to easily launch the ball into the air from the tee box or the fairway.

3 Woods

For many golfers, a 3 Wood is the perfect golf club to use on holes when using a golf driver will create too much ball speed and distance so you will completely overshoot the fairway and might end up deep in a hazard that is impossible to get your golf ball out of. Because of this powerful performance, which is created with a longer shaft and lower loft, not many golfers will use a 3 wood on the fairway. 

5 Woods

Using a 5 wood is the perfect golf club option for golfers who are looking to generate greater distance on the fairway to launch the golf ball almost 200 yards for a potential easy approach shot to the green for an easy putt. The shorter shaft length and higher loft compared to the 3 wood make it much easier to hit a golf ball off the ground. 

7 Woods

A 7 wood is a golf club that is perfect for every golfer, but especially for beginners because of the enlarged club head compared to other woods which provides a much larger sweet spot of striking the golf ball while also offering plenty of forgiveness on shots that are placed off-centre too. 

While this large golf club works great when used at the tee or playing the golf ball off the fairway, it is especially useful in situations when the ball needs to be played from the rough because of how the club face is able to force its way through thicker sections of grass.

TaylorMade Woods

The newest Fairway Wood from TaylorMade, the TaylorMade Stealth Fairway, has been designed using a new 60 layers of carbon fibre to create the first “Carbon Woods” that provide golfers with a 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood and 9 wood that offer incredible ball speed on every shot while also being incredibly forgiving.

This design ensures that your golf ball will fly down the fairway with incredible speed while also offering brilliant accuracy, even on off-centre shots, thanks to the large club face and V steel sole that creates a better interaction with the turf.

TaylorMade fairway woods provide golfers with the ability to hit the ball with amazing speed and power to reduce the number of swings needed to get to the green. This added power will definitely help to lower your score on every round of golf you play.

Ping Woods

The Ping G425 golf irons have been designed to provide players with a golf clubs that can handle whatever turf or terrain easily so that you are able to create enough ball speed while also ensuring there is plenty of ball spin on each shot to provide greater distance and ball flight to set you up perfectly for an approach shot leading to the greens. 

Ping fairway woods are known for the amazing power that they provide, while also offering incredible accuracy so that every shot can be placed perfectly and get you back into a scoring position with ease.


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