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Golf Clothing

Golf Clothing at Click Golf

Golf Tops

At Click Golf, we proudly offer an extensive selection of golf tops meticulously crafted by leading apparel experts in the golfing industry, including renowned brands like Galvin Green, Nike, adidas, FootJoy, Callaway, Ping, and many more. These golf tops are expertly designed to enhance your performance on the golf course.

Our tops, created by these reputable companies, are engineered to provide exceptional flexibility, allowing for seamless and fluid golf swings. You can trust that each swing you take will be executed with grace and precision.

For those scorching summer rounds, we understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable throughout your entire 18-hole journey. That's why all of our golf tops are thoughtfully designed to deliver outstanding breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. These innovative designs ensure that, even under the blazing sun, you won't risk overheating. With our golf tops, you can maintain optimal comfort and create flawless golf swings, enabling you to perform at your best from the first tee to the final green.

Golf Trousers

Selecting the appropriate golf trousers is a fundamental aspect for any golfer aspiring to maintain a polished appearance on the golf course while also benefiting from pants that facilitate smoother and more fluid movements during every swing.

At Click Golf, we offer a wide range of golf trousers, carefully curated to meet the needs of golfers seeking both style and performance. Our collection includes golf pants designed to provide exceptional comfort throughout an entire day of golf, ensuring you stay cool during your rounds. These trousers are crafted from stretchable and durable materials, purposefully selected to enhance your freedom of movement and enable you to maintain a high level of play on the course.

Golf Shorts

At Click Golf, we offer an impressive assortment of golf shorts to cater to every golfer's need for comfortable and breathable attire, especially during the sweltering summer season.

Golf shorts are an ideal choice for staying cool while navigating the summer heat on the golf course. With more skin exposed, you can enjoy the refreshing sensation of a gentle breeze as you play your rounds. Our collection includes a wide variety of top-quality shorts from reputable brands such as FootJoy, Under Armour, and adidas. These shorts have been thoughtfully engineered to ensure that golfers can maintain the perfect playing temperature while benefiting from shorts that provide exceptional stretch and flexibility during every golf swing.

Golf Clothes For Men

To ensure you find the ideal golf attire that not only fits your body comfortably but also provides ample freedom of movement, Click Golf offers an extensive collection of men's golf clothing available in various sizes to accommodate golfers of all body types.

Wearing ill-fitting golf clothing can have a significant impact on your overall golfing experience, affecting both your comfort and performance on the course. Investing in appropriately sized golf attire is paramount for every golfer.


It is always important to have a golf waterproof stored inside your golf bag because of how quickly the weather can change in the UK. Many golfers have gone out to play 18 holes of golf in the morning when the sun is shining to only come home soaked after being caught in a sudden downpour of rain.

Items such as waterproof golf jackets, waterproof golf trousers and waterproof golf shoes allow you to continue playing golf even when the weather starts to become wetter in the winter months or even during a summer day. Ensuring that you remain warm and dry while playing in the rain is essential for every golfer who wants to be able to still create great performances on the golf course.

Ladies Golf Clothes

At Click Golf, we proudly offer an exceptional range of women's golf apparel, meticulously crafted to enhance performance on the golf course while ensuring that female golfers remain comfortable throughout their day of play.

Our collection of women's golf clothing features designs from some of the industry's most renowned brands, including Nike, adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and FootJoy. These esteemed brands have dedicated themselves to creating women's golf attire that not only provides outstanding comfort but also incorporates advanced moisture-wicking technology and intelligent fabric choices. This ensures that female golfers can maintain their comfort whether they are playing in warm or cooler conditions, allowing them to fully enjoy their time on the golf course.

adidas Golf Trousers

adidas is known for designing some of the best sports clothing on the market, and the same is true when looking at the adidas golf trousers that they have designed.

Golf trousers such as the PureMotion stretch trousers have been created to make sure that every golfer who is wearing them is able to experience a brilliant range of movement on every swing of a golf club for greater performances to be created. And while they offer incredible stretch and movement, adidas has also designed these golf trousers to be very comfortable too so that even when wearing them during a full day of golf you will be happy to keep playing.

Under Armour Golf Shirts

If you are looking for golf shirts, golf polos and golf tops that have been designed to allow you to create the best possible performances while remaining at the perfect body temperature and being incredibly comfortable, you need an Under Armour golf shirt.

With both long sleeve and short sleeve golf shirts available golfers will be able to choose the style and fit that suits them best. All of the Under Armour golf shirts that are in stock at Click Golf have been created using high quality materials to make sure every golfer can feel and look their best while they play.

Golf polo shirts such as the Under Armour Playoff 2.0 has been designed using moisture wicking technology that helps to keep you cool while out on the golf course all day. This helps to draw sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate faster, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable.

Stretchable materials have also been used when designing these golf shits so that golfers can experience a great range of motion when swinging a golf club so that smoother and more fluid form can be created consistently for improved performances on the golf course.

Nike Golf Polos

Nike Golf Polos are some of the best golf shirts that are available on the market for any golfer who wants to be able to play in golf clothing that allows for brilliant movement on every golf swing while also featuring technology to keep you cool and comfortable.

Golf polo shirts such as the Dri-Fit Victory Blade golf polo shirt have been designed using Nike’s Dri Fit technology which ensures you are able to remain cool and dry all day thanks to the way it draws sweat away from the surface of the skin so that it can evaporate faster.

Nike golf polos also come in a wide range of fantastic designs so that while feeling your best on the golf course you will also look your best too.

Cheap Golf Clothing

At Click Golf we offer golfers the best golf clothing from the biggest brands in golf. All of the clothing that is available use amazing designs and materials to make sure you have the best golf clothing possible for days out on the golf course.

However, while all of the clothing that is on offer provides golfers with amazing performance and technology to keep you playing at your best, it is also incredibly well priced.

Click Golf offers players an incredible range of cheap golf clothing so that you can play a great round of golf, and look like a professional while doing so, all for a low price that won’t affect your wallet or have you second guessing if you can afford a new set of golf clothes for the summer.


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