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Click Golf stocks a wide range of Electric Golf Trolleys and Manual Golf Carts, from major brands. Choose from an impressive range of golf trolleys; Motocaddy, PowaKaddy, Cube, Clicgear, and Big Max. 

Get around the golf course with your Golf Trolley faster, and take some weight off your shoulders. An Electric Golf Trolley or foldable Manual Golf Trolley. Invest in the power of lithium batteries to benefit from significant advantages. Or, take the course at your own pace, by using a Push/Pull Golf Cart. 

If you need assistance, read our Buying Guide for advice and tips! 

Electric Golf Trolley

An electric golf trolley will drive your game. Use an 18-Hole Lithium and 36-Hole Lithium battery, or, a Lead Acid battery. We recommend that golfers who play short rounds, (9-holes or 18-holes), select a standard lithium battery. 

Avid golfers who play 36-holes during one round will benefit from choosing an extended option. This will increase your cost, but the correct battery will extend the lifetime and improve the performance of your game, significantly.

Manual Golf Carts

The manual golf trolley, which we often refer to as a Push/Pull frame does not include a battery. A push trolley will require energy to finish the course. A pull trolley is a great option for lightweight, compact storage and transportation from the clubhouse to home. 

Golf Batteries

Golf batteries require maintenance during your trolley’s lifetime. If you find yourself dragging your trolley across the last holes, it’s time to replace the battery! We offer two popular options - PowaKaddy and Motocaddy.

18-hole lithium batteries are universal and will fit your trolley with ease. We encourage you to check the connections in product descriptions, to check if you may require an adaptor. 

Extended batteries are designed for a longer round of 36 holes. Failing to give the battery a solid run will damage it. Extended lithium batteries will cover hilly golf courses throughout Europe better. These courses tend to put more pressure on the battery, draining power. 

Golf Trolley Accessories

You’ll find a solid selection of golf accessories. Customize the trolley frame with holders to make your golf essentials accessible, and enhance your enjoyment of the game. Purchase Trolley wheels for play during winter using hedgehog attachments, or make your trolley more stable with a wide wheel.

Golf Trolley Bags

Motocaddy and PowaKaddy have launched stunning collections of Golf Bags, with compatible locking systems. Your equipment will securely fit the frame while keeping all pockets and compartments fully accessible. Head to our dedicated Golf Bags area to explore Motocaddy, PowaKaddy, and other branded Bags. 

Trolley Wheels

For complete flexibility, we have extended our range to include two-wheel trolleys, three-wheel trolleys, and four-wheel trolleys, too! Select a trolley with the appropriate wheels for your course’s terrain. Glide across the fairways, in confidence. A two-wheel trolley includes a leg stand for balance. 

Affordable Golf Trolleys

Click Golf ensures that all of our products are affordable and add value to your game. We have an impressive range of cheap golf trolleys for sale. 

Be sure to check our Price Promise Guarantee. We promise to match the lowest prices for customers who shop with our online golf store. We also offer finance, so you can play now and pay later! 

Play Now, Pay Later

Purchase cheap golf trolleys using finance payments. Buy Klarna Golf Trolleys on 0% Finance. Find out more by visiting our Golf Trolley section. 

Energize Your Game

You’re more likely to gain results when you reserve your energy for play. Glide across uneven terrains with wide trolley wheels, allowing your body to regenerate after each hole. Carrying 14-golf clubs in a heavy-duty golf bag can be extremely tiring. Improve your game by purchasing a Golf Trolley. 

For more help, speak to our customer service representatives who can advise on the warranty.

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