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Electric Trolleys


Energise Your Game

At Click Golf, you’ll find a wide range of electric trolleys. Add some energy to your next round of golf. Discover popular models from PowaKaddy and Motocaddy, to benefit from an extended warranty and free UK delivery. Our customer service team of PGA experts are always on hand to help by inspiring confidence in your game. 


We also stock a wide range of Golf Bags to compliment your new trolley frame. Find out more about the available trolley models below to discover a model which suits your needs. 


18-Hole Lithium

We stock an endless collection of standard lithium golf trolleys, from leading brands. Discover the FX Collection by PowaKaddy or opt for the M Series which is constantly in demand of golfers worldwide.  An 18-hole trolley will get you around the course in record time. 


The battery is equipped with the power to drive your game through 18 holes in one charge. Play 36 holes on a regular basis, opt for the 36-hole lithium trolley, also referred to as an Extended Lithium Golf Trolley. You’ll notice a significant improvement to the lifecycle of the trolley battery.


36-Hole Lithium

Our 36 hole lithium golf trolleys are set up to go the extra mile. Venturing onto the golf course for back-to-back rounds or tackling hilly terrain? A 36-hole trolley will drive your game with additional power. 


Lead Acid

While less popular now, and hard to come across, Click Golf stock a small selection of Lead Acid trolleys. A lead-acid battery comes with the benefit of a lower cost price, although golfers often notice some unnecessary additional weight. We strongly advise that customers carefully consider choosing a lithium battery. You will therefore gain extended warranty, remain up to date with industry trends, and eliminate bulky weight from your trolley frame. 


Reserve some energy for the gameplay!

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Manual Push Pull Golf Trolleys and Carts

Are you looking for your next golf cart, which can take some weight off your shoulders? At Click Golf, we stock a wide range of affordable golf trolleys, ready to show you the golf course from a different perspective. 

Our series of push trolleys are incredibly easy to transport from car to clubhouse but don’t just take our word for it. Give us a call and discuss every option with a PGA expert from our customer service team for a full buying guide. We can tell you everything there is to know about manual trolleys. 

Big MaxPowaKaddy, and Motocaddy Golf are amongst few to be recognised for their quality designs, larger wheels, easy-to-lift push-pull carts, and manual golf trolleys. If you want to energise your game, consider one of the Electric Golf Trolleys. 

Click Golf also offers a collection of matching Golf Bags, to ensure we remain your one-stop online golf store for all of your golfing essentials.

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Power up and enhance your game. If you're regularly playing short rounds, we would advise that you opt for a Standard 18-Hole Lithium Battery, while keen golfers, who get out for longer rounds or across more demanding courses, where terrain becomes tricky, will find that a Extended 36-Hole Lithium Battery goes the distance. When you upgrade to Lithium, you'll save weight, charging time and gain a five-year warranty. You'll find everything you need to maintain your Electric Golf Trolley right here, at your trusted online golf stockist - Click Golf.

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