Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric Golf Trolley Sale 

At Click Golf, you’ll find a wide range of electric golf trolleys that will easily be able to transport your golf clubs around your favourite golf course for incredibly affordable prices. Getting an electric golf trolley will allow you to save your energy between each hole of golf so that your next shot will be even better without having to worry about carrying your golf bag all day or even having to push a golf trolley.

Best Electric Golf Trolley

Discover popular models from PowaKaddy and Motocaddy who have created some of the best electric golf trolleys on the market today with their incredible range that also feature amazing accessories and features that make using them even easier than ever before. With added features such as GPS guidance, locking systems that hold your golf cart bag in place, and incredible stability that make sure that These golf trolleys also benefit from an extended warranty and free UK delivery from Click Golf. Our customer service team of PGA experts are always on hand to help by inspiring confidence in your game. 

We also stock a wide range of Golf Bags to compliment your new trolley frame. Find out more about the available electric trolley models that we have stocked here at Click Golf below to discover which golf trolleys are best suited to your needs. 

Remote Control Golf Trolley

To ensure that golfers are able to walk at their own pace while allowing their golf clubs to easily glide to the next tee, Powakaddy and Motocaddy have both created remote control golf trolleys. With a remote control golf trolley golfers are able to adjust the speed and direction of their golf cart for complete control while being able to walk at a leisurely pace without any strain or extra effort of pushing a golf trolley.

PowaKaddy CT6

The incredible range of electric golf trolleys that are available here at Click Golf feature some of the latest and most innovative features ever equipped to a golf trolley before. Golf trolleys such as the PowaKaddy CT6 and PowaKaddy CT6 GPS feature the smallest touchscreen GPS system in the world, while also using a simple-2-fold system that allows for this electric golf trolley to be folded 35% smaller than the nearest competitor. 

The PowaKaddy CT6 has been designed to be lightweight so that golfers can easily move their golf clubs around the golf course without any risk of the trolley digging into softer turn or struggling to make it up steeper hills.

Motocaddy S1 

The Motocaddy S1 has been designed to provide golfers with a sporty and stylish golf trolley that features an incredibly simple folding system to allow golfers to get out on the golf course without having to worry about any difficult assembly. 

This Motocaddy golf trolley features an incredibly powerful battery and motor that provides a brilliant range for a full day of golf to be played on a single charge. And to ensure that when your golf bag is placed on this trolley Motocaddy has included EASILOCK technology to hold your golf bag in place for a much more secure base for storing your golf clubs.

Motocaddy M1 

Often called the simplest to use compact golf trolley in the world the Motocaddy M1 golf trolly has been designed to provide golfers with a folding system that makes it easier than ever to set up your golf trolley, load your golf bag and golf clubs and get out on the golf course. 

This simple folding system also allows this electric golf trolley to be folded down into an incredibly compact shape so that whether you have a large 4x4 or a small hatchback you will easily be able to store this trolley in the boot of your car. 

PowaKaddy FX3 

The PowaKaddy FX3 electric golf trolley features an extended lithium battery that has been designed to complete 36 holes during one round, so if you're the golfer who likes to take on back-to-back games, or often plays longer courses, the PowaKaddy FX3 Electric Trolley is perfect for you. Also, this golf trolley has been engineered to be 20% smaller than previous models when folded and the PowaKaddy FX3 Black Electric Golf Trolley will collapse into its efficiently designed folded position in just one simple click.

18-Hole Lithium Golf Trolleys

We stock an incredible collection of lithium golf trolleys that provide the perfect amount of power to carry your golf clubs around a golf course with ease. Discover the PowaKaddy FX3 golf trolley that offers brilliant power or opt for the Motocaddy S1 or Motocaddy M1 golf trolleys which are constantly in demand of golfers worldwide.  An 18-hole trolley will get you around the course in record time. 

The battery is equipped with the power to drive your game through 18 holes in one charge. Play 36 holes on a regular basis, opt for the 36-hole lithium trolley, also referred to as an Extended Lithium Golf Trolley. You’ll notice a significant improvement to the lifecycle of the trolley battery.

36-Hole Lithium Golf Trolleys

The great range of 36-hole lithium golf trolleys, or extended lithium golf trolleys, provide golfers with the ability to play multiple rounds of golf all day without having to worry about carrying their golf bag or golf clubs around. Amazing golf trolleys such as the Motocaddy S1 or PowaKaddy FX3 are avilable with extended batteries to offer greater performance for longer. 

Lead Acid Golf Trolleys

While less popular now, and hard to come across, Click Golf stock a small selection of Lead Acid golf trolleys. A lead-acid battery comes with the benefit of a lower cost price, although golfers often notice some unnecessary additional weight. We strongly advise that customers carefully consider choosing a lithium battery. You will therefore gain extended warranty, remain up to date with industry trends, and eliminate bulky weight from your trolley frame. 

Manual Golf Trolleys

Manual Golf Trolleys

Manual golf trolleys are an incredibly easy and affordable way to transport your golf clubs and golf bag around your favourite course without having to worry about the aches and pains of carrying your equipment or the risk of getting halfway around and the battery dying on an electric golf trolley. 

Push golf trolleys are made to be incredibly lightweight and compact so that you can easily get a trolley in and out of the boot of your car. Many of the golf trolleys that are available also come with seriously simple folding mechanics that often only mean pushing one button so that you can get out onto the golf course even quicker. 

Compared to electric golf trolleys golf push trolleys are incredibly cheap while still featuring all of the additional tools such as extra storage, thick all-terrain wheels and a stable base to store your golf bag. Using push carts may sound like added effort when compared to the electric option, but manual trolleys are built to easily glide around the golf course so that you don’t have to worry about fighting to get up a hill. 


3 Wheel Golf Trolley

At Click Golf we stock a brilliant range of push golf trolleys that allow golfers to easily walk the golf course while having their golf bag and golf clubs stored on a stable base. Many of the 3 wheel golf trolleys that we have in stock use incredibly lightweight yet strong materials to create the perfect mixture of strength and speed so that you can have full confidence that your golf cart bag is secure while also being light enough to be able to push your golf clubs around for a full 18 holes of enjoyable golf.

Best Push Trolley

When out on the golf course you want to be sure that your golf trolley bag and new golf clubs are being placed on the best push trolley possible. Because of this Click Golf only stocks the best golf trolleys that offer you the perfect mixture of performance and engineering at incredibly low prices. From some of the biggest brands in golf, you are able to browse the great selection of Push Golf Trolleys from Big Max, Clicgear, Motocaddy and PowaKaddy.

Best Manual Golf Trolley

Having a manual golf trolley allows golfers to easily transport their golf clubs around a golf course while also being folded down to incredibly compact sizes to ensure you have plenty of room to store both your golf trolley and golf cart bag in the boot of your car after a great round of golf. 

Manual golf trolleys can also be used year-round at many golf courses because of their incredibly lightweight designs that keep the greenkeepers happy by not tearing the turf in colder or wetter seasons compared to using an electric golf trolley.

Cube Golf Trolley

For golfers who want an incredible bang for their buck, we stock a great selection of Cube Golf Trolleys that provide the perfect amount of stability and strength with a 3 wheel golf trolley design. This has been paired with lightweight materials that allow you to easily walk a full 18 holes on any golf course without having to wrestle with the golf trolley to get it where you need to go.

This lightweight golf trolley is also very compact so whether you need to place it in the boot of your car when leaving the golf course, or store it in the garage over the winter this golf trolley takes up minimal space.

Big Max Blade IP

When purchasing a push golf trolley you want the best, and at Click Golf we provide the best with the three-time Golf Digest Editors Choice Award winner Big Max Blade IP Golf Trolley

This golf trolley is one of the easiest to use golf trolleys on the market today its assembly process includes the quick fold and flat fold technology that makes it so much easier and faster to set this golf trolley to the height and level that you want it before a round of golf. The design means that it only requires one movement to unfold this push golf trolley, while the lightweight design makes it so easy to use when walking the golf course.

Golf Trolley Accessories

Golf Trolley Accessories 

With both electric golf trolleys and push golf trolleys players can add a brilliant range of golf trolley accessories to add even more features to their already brilliant golf carts. 

Having the ability to add umbrella holders, score card holders, phone covers for bad weather and water bottle holders too. While electric trolleys offer brilliant features such as GPS mapping, touchscreens and the ability to charge your phone, being able to add other golf trolley accessories allows you to make the trolley much more suited to you and ready for the weather you may be playing in. 

One of the best golf trolley accessories that you can get is often the simplest, with an umbrella holder offering you protection in wetter conditions. 

Winter Wheels

There are many golf courses that won’t allow golfers to use their golf trolleys during the winter months because of the damage that the wheels can cause to the turf. To avoid this Click Golf stocks a great range of winter wheels for golfers to use which help to protect the fairway on a golf course in colder conditions so that the golf course remains in pristine condition and you are able to transport your golf clubs around the course with ease. 

Umbrella Holders

To make sure that if you are out on the golf course with your golf trolley and are suddenly caught in a downpour of rain you are still able to remain dry golfers can purchase umbrella holders. These holders allow for your golf umbrella to be placed upright and open so that you don’t have to worry about holding it while also trying to move your golf trolley around the golf course, allowing you to remain warm and dry out on the golf course.

Travel Covers

After using your golf trolley out on the course all day, especially while playing on slightly wet or damp turf, your trolley can get quite dirty and so makes it a choir to try and clean it all offer before putting it in the boot of your car. With the great selection of travel covers at Click Golf you will be able to simply place your golf trolley in its cover and zip it up to keep your car clean. These travel covers also make it much easier to carry your golf trolley too and from your house with sturdy handles.

PowaKaddy Accessories

PowaKaddy has created a brilliant range of accessories to use on your electric golf trolley so that you are able to add extra features such as umbrella holders, score card holders and drinks holders so that you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Motocaddy Accessories

Motocaddy has also created a great range of accessories to use on their golf trolleys too so that you are able to customise your electric golf trolley in any way you want to suit your needs out on the golf course. This also includes a storage rack for avoiding any clutter in your garage when putting your trolley away after a long day of golf.

Golf Batteries

Golf Trolley Battery

When using an electric golf cart it's important to use the right battery for each trolley otherwise you may cause damage to the equipment and features that are included in the design.

If you using one of the new Motocaddy golf trolleys but try and use an old battery from a previous model it could seriously affect the performance of the golf cart so that even if the battery has a range of 36 holes you may not even be able to complete 18. 

Each golf trolley battery has been specifically designed to match the right trolley so that you can get the right amount of power and performance to walk the golf course with your golf clubs on a golf cart that can keep up with you. 

Having a spare battery is always a smart idea for any golfer as it is completely normal to play a full round of golf to then get home and forget to put your trolley on charge. It’s a completely normal mistake for anyone to make and so it’s always a great idea to have a spare battery charged up and ready to go so that you are still able to go out and play at the local golf course.

Lithium Golf Trolley Battery

Golf trolleys from 20 years ago used to use acid batteries that were able to offer brilliant power to get your golf bag and golf clubs around the course with ease, but after a year or two of being used the life of the battery would start to drop and the golf trolley battery that was able to get you round a full 18-holes would start to run out by hole 12, leaving your with a heavy trolley to push back to the car park.

Most electric golf trolleys now use Lithium batteries because of the brilliant power that they provide while also being able to hold an incredible charge to get you around the golf course while also being able to last for years without dropping in performance. Lithium batteries are also very easy to charge and can be charged 100% much faster than acid batteries. 

This is very handy for golfers who may have forgotten to put their trolley on charge since the last time they played and only have an hour or two before they need to head to the golf course.

Golf Cart Batteries Price

Many people may expect the prices of a golf cart battery to be very expensive, seeing as without the battery your electric golf trolley isn’t moving anywhere and all the brilliant features that are included are useless. 

However, at Click Golf we provide a great range of golf trolley batteries that are reasonably priced so that you have plenty of change after every purchase. Having an affordable golf cart battery is a great option to have so that you can get out onto the golf course and use your new golf trolley for hours.

Lithium Golf Trolley Battery 36 Hole

Lithium golf trolley batteries provide golfers with incredible power and battery life so that you can easily complete a full 18-holes of golf without having to worry about the amount of battery you have left. However, golfers can now experience longer life batteries that offer an incredible range so that you can now use your electric golf trolley to now complete a full 36 holes of golf while having plenty of charge to get back to the car and home.

Motocaddy Battery

Motocaddy has created a number of golf trolley batteries that can be used on their electric golf trolleys to provide the perfect mixture of power and endurance to get your golf clubs around a golf course quickly and for longer periods of time. 

One of the best golf trolley batteries they have created is the M Series Lithium Battery and Charger which provides golfers with a super-lightweight battery which manages to somehow be smaller while offering incredible power and a life span that is five times longer than a lead-acid golf trolley battery.

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