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    T8 GPS Golf Watch

    RRP £319.99

    Voice Caddie T8 GPS Golf Watch The T8 GPS Golf Watch is an ultra-premium smart GPS watch by Voice Caddie. This golf watch features a colour touchscreen and gives accurate yardages to the...

Voice Caddie specialises in offering golfers incredible detail in their range of launch monitors, GPS range finders and GPS golf watches that allow for accuracy in every aspect of your golf game so that you can quickly learn which golf clubs work best for you. The Voice Caddie range of GPS laser rangefinders are actually the official sponsor of the LPGA. Another item that is often seen during LPGA golf is the Voice Caddie T8 golfwatch that allows for incredible detail of the course you are playing on so that you will be able to see clearly where bunkers and hazards are hiding while also knowing exactly how many yards are needed to reach the pin and the slope of the green so you know how to align your putts correctly.

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