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Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter

Toe Up #1 Putter

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Odyssey Toe Up 1 Putter


A leader in revolutionary technology, Odyssey introduces another high-performance putter designed to deliver consistent results on the green.


Twisting has been significantly reduced with the use of Stroke Balanced, an advanced technology which minimises torque, reducing the difficulty of returning the face back to square.


This advantage is created by the placement of additional weight in the direction of the face, balancing the putter, in addition to having the CG centrally aligned with the face. Placing your finger up to the face, it will become apparent that it balances toe up with an impressive degree of precision. This putter is specially designed to deliver consistency and accuracy.


The fly cut Metal-X face is absolutely flat, chemically etched, and engineered for a true and pure roll. Proper address over the ball is promoted with the high definition alignment. This putter also features a Superstroke Flatso 1.0 grip, and Counter Core technology for a Tour-proven feel.


Stroke Balanced for More Consistency

Keeping the putter on line is much easier when torque is reduced, and this is one of the core concepts behind the putter’s design. It is also engineered with the shaft axis aligned with the centre of gravity.


High-Definition Alignment

The popular and effective triplet of white lines from the Marxman family are also featured on the Odyssey Toe Up. They create a stunning contrast against the Charcoal PVD finish.


Our Promise for Odyssey Putters

Odyssey putters are crafted with uncompromising quality and attention to detail. This putter is designed to withstand years of regular use, and provide you with reliable and accurate results from day one, through to the day you retire it. While it’s unlikely that you’ll need to return it, if you observe a defect or are unsatisfied with the product during the first two years, it will be repaired or replaced without question.



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