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Izzo Swami GT - GPS and Game Tracker

Swami GT - GPS and Game Tracker

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The Swami GT – a game changing golf GPS and Game Tracker, combined.

The Swami GT, from Izzo, makes excellent use of NFC (Near Field Communication) and GPS technologies. Every single shot can be tracked and the data logged, with no other input from the player than his or her swing.

NFC tags are inserted into the end of your clubs, these tags working together with GPS tracking technology keep a track of your shot data.

With over 30,000 courses mapped worldwide, the 2.5 inch screen can display back, middle and front distances to the green and distances to target. A digital score card means that you can ditch the pad and pencil and concentrate on your game too.

The Swami GT also has the ability to recommend clubs, based on your shot averages – it's like having your own personal trainer, right there in there in the palm of your hand. A lot of the tracking and round data is displayed right there, on the screen, but by signing into your free Swami GT account you are able to review every statistic.

Swami GT devices are more than just GPS and shot trackers; they can genuinely help you to improve your game with every single shot.



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