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Mizuno MP-25 Forged Irons Steel

MP-25 Forged Irons Steel

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The new MP-25 irons from Mizuno golf are the first from the brand to offer distance in tour inspired iron. The MP-25 is truly suitable for a wide variety of golfers. If you like good looks, feel and now distance from a forged iron then this is it, it's finally here! 

Boron Fuel Injected

A stunning tour inspired design with an injection of Boron for added ball speed and distance. The MP-25 is the first true high ball-speed iron, Grain Flow Forged for the feel and touch indispensable on tour. For tour players to low/mid handicaps.

The first true distance iron for tour players

The MP-25 is the first to start with a pre-determined tour dictated profile and then engineer ball speed – rather than cramming a distance technology into a smaller shell.

New Boron Infused Steel

A Boron injected steel billet allows the engineering of a Micro-Slot pocket cavity (#3-6 iron) – for greater ball speeds.

Ultimate feel, Forged in Hiroshima Japan

At Mizuno’s exclusive plant – manufacturer of Grain Forged heads for Mizuno for over 30 years. Grain Flow Forged from a single billet of 1025 Boron steel. #nothingfeelslikeamizuno

Precise distance control

Grain Flow Forging compresses and maintains a consistent grain through neck and hosel – ensuring consistency through every club head for predictable distances.

Custom built to your Mizuno Swing DNA

Our Swing DNA system can identify which shaft and set make up will produce the best results from your swing. Your irons can be assembled and dispatched within 5 working days of Mizuno receiving your order (location and parts allowing).


We started off with a tour preferred chassis, and developed our technology to get the most ball speed from that size.  The  craftsmen at YORO Japan kept the CAD engineers on a tight leash, so the final iron was something we could confidently show our tour players.  The use of Boron infused steel made it possible for us to add ball speed, but keep all the traits/qualities that Mizuno players love.
Tetsu Kanayama – Japan R&D



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