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TaylorMade Monte Carlo OS Putter 2016

Monte Carlo OS Putter 2016

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Go bigger and better than ever before with the Taylormade Monte Carlo OS Putter

The brand new, Taylormade OS Range of Putters offer stability, accuracy, and grip with every putt.

Embracing the very latest innovations in technology, the OS Putter offers a larger, high moment of inertial design. This incorporates an expanded sweet spot, an enhanced alignment system, and a slightly larger head than would be traditionally found on a putter.

This winning combination allows putters to achieve optimised stability, a higher moment of inertia, and a smooth, controlled putting stroke, whilst the raised high contrast sight line makes aiming easier than ever before.

In addition to this, the Taylormade Monte Carlo OS Putter also incorporates a vertical, deep-milled insert, which provides a better ball grip, allowing you to achieve optimised roll, sound, and feel.

- Raised high contrast sight line for easier aim
- Skin-milled surfaces for the ultimate finish
- Oversized head for enhanced stability at impact
- Vertical, deep-milled insert for enhanced ball grip, roll, sound, and feel




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