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ProQuip Merino Water Repellent Sweater V Neck - Bright Red

Merino Water Repellent Sweater V Neck - Bright Red

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ProQuip’s pioneering water repellent knitwear range combines traditional, style and comfort with outstanding protection from wind and rain.

ProQuip finest Italian Merino knitwear is available in a choice of v-neck, slipover and lined half zip styles.

All ProQuip knitwear is treated with an exclusively developed water repellent finish.
Tests by ProQuip’s Scottish design team found that water can sit pooled on the surface of the garments for 24 hours before penetrating the water repellent outer.

There are five colour options in Merino Wool, including Fjord Blue, a new colour for 2014.
ProQuip’s Merino knitwear has a silky soft feel and moisture wicking qualities, drawing sweat and air away from base and mid layers and into the fibres, preventing the body from becoming cold and ensuring vital body heat is retained.

All ProQuip knitwear garments benefit from total easy care performance and are machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. Ironing the garment enhances its water repellency



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