Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Wedges - Satin Chrome

Mack Daddy Forged Wedges - Satin Chrome

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Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Wedges – Satin Chrome

Callaway is a brand that resonates with the game’s best golfers because they never settle. Even when the MD3 Milled proved sufficient for improving the performance of most golfers, this leading manufacturer decided to advance the design further with the creation of a forged version. The new Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Wedges are based on the same head, and its sole features the same C grind relief (heel and toe areas) allowing golfers to be more creative with shots. Compared to its predecessor, this wedge feels like a precision instrument, fine-tuned in response to player feedback and research. These changes are evident in the squarer toe, reduced offset, and straighter leading edge, in addition to its signature shaping and Tour performance.

Controlling Trajectory

Dave Neville, Callaway’s senior director of brand management for metalwoods and wedges, states: “The holes are shallower in the lower lofts, the 50 and the 52, and they are deeper in the higher lofts, the 58 and the 60… Making the holes deeper actually raises the CG, and by raising the CG, it actually helps you control the trajectory, and it can help to impart more spin.” As these wedges are typically used on approach shots, they will feel more like irons due to lowering the CG position in the gap-wedge lofts. For many golfers, this will have favourable results in terms of both familiarity and playability.

Maximum Spin

A newly incorporated groove (now 16 total) located near the leading edge delivers maximum spin and increased stopping power. This 16-groove configuration is engineered to function seamlessly with the progressive CG positioning, creating lower and more controlled flight without sacrificing spin in the higher lofts. The spin is deliberately increased as loft increases, thanks to the three distinct groove patterns employed by a Progressive Groove Optimisation system. Callaway Mack Daddy Forged wedges are designed for attacking the pin with professional-level chips and pitches. If you strike the face consistently in the same place, a bronze wear mark (a layer of copper beneath the chrome of the face) will be revealed – this is a true and encouraging sign of your performance level.

Calculated Reductions of Weight

The brainchild of Roger Cleveland (in collaboration with the world’s best golfers) delivers controlled shots and more consistent performance from centre strikes. With varying depths (depending on the loft), the four drill holes align the impact zone behind the face with the Centre of Gravity. The 6 lofts (ranging from 50° to 60°) are enhanced by the versatility of the C grind sole to enable golfers to play beyond the one bounce option per loft and achieve virtually any shot they desire. Removing variable quantities of weight from the sole, and combining it with an ultra-premium forged design, makes these wedges suitable for players of any skill level – promoting crisp, confident shots that ultimately lead to lower scores.


  •          Progressive CG and Signature Shaping
  •          16-groove configuration
  •          New R Grind (defined crescent sole)
  •          Progressive Groove Optimisation
  •          Satin chrome with copper strike finish
  •          Forged from soft 1025 carbon steel
  •          Premium shaft – True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue
  •          Lamkin’s custom-designed UTx grip
  •          Traditional appearance at address

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