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TaylorMade M1 Rescue

M1 Rescue

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TaylorMade M1 Rescue

Seasoned golfers will find the 2017 M1 Rescue to have a familiar look with an all-black crown and boxy face at address; but on the club’s sole, a sliding weight system presents something unique that has never before been seen on a TaylorMade hybrid. The most-played hybrid among TaylorMade staff players is seeing the addition of valuable technology, opening the club’s appeal to a wider range of golfers.

Players are able to shift the club’s weight toward the toe to create fade bias, or move the weight toward the heel to promote a draw thanks to the 27-gram sliding tungsten weight in the sole. The personalisation of this product has been substantially improved over that of the previous model where the M1 was designed to have a straight to fade bias.

Behind the leading edge is a slot that allows more flexibility of the face. This technology is an “open channel” Speed Pocket, and is crafted to increase ball speed due to a more efficient impact, especially on low-face shots.

Notable Features:

  •          3-degree adjustable hosel (+/-1.5)
  •          Available as a 2- (17 degrees), 3- (19 degrees), 4- (21 degrees) and 5-iron replacement (24 degrees)
  •          Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver Hybrid 80 shaft (standard)
  •          Lamkin Utx grip also comes standard
  •          Two movable weights (3- and 25-grams)
  •          Less chamfer in the sole improves turf interaction


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