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TaylorMade M1 440 Driver

M1 440 Driver

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TaylorMade M1 440 Driver

After observing significant performance improvements from replacing the thick-thin 9-1-1 titanium alloy crown with a carbon composite material for the 2016 M1, TaylorMade elected to advance this technology further by adding even more carbon composite in the new 2017 model. This strategy is centred on an effort to extend the range of adjustability and improve forgiveness, moving more weight lower and deeper in the head. This six-layer crown is 10% thinner than the seven-layer version. The new 440cc uses 43% more carbon composite (carbon fibre) than its predecessor, and the 13-gram piece offers significant weight savings over the 33-gram titanium crown it replaced from previous years. TaylorMade repositioned this discretionary weight in other areas of the head. The club itself is geared toward players who prefer a more workable, and smaller driver that of the 460. Initial testing revealed that it can reduce spin by several hundred rpms when compared to the 460.

New design enhancements are aimed at improving alignment, such as a white piece of titanium, extending back from the topline. The weights are heavier and the sliding tracks are longer in the 2017 model in comparison to those seen with the M1 released in September 2015. Draw and fade are promoted by the side-adjustment weight, now 15 grams, and the spin and height of the shot are easier to adjust with the help of a 15-gram weight. (The front-back driver is 3 grams heavier than that of the 460, made possible due its smaller size.) TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation for metalwoods, Brian Bazzel, noted that roughly 1 degree in launch angle is created by the difference between the forward and back positions on the track. This results in substantial adjustability and customisation potential.

Notable Changes to the 2017 M1 440:

  •          Geocoustic “sunken sole curvature” allowing the driver head to be made larger
  •          Even lower Centre of Gravity (resulting from a refined carbon fibre crown with a reduced thickness of 0.6mm)
  •          New stock shafts
  •          More draw bias (approximately 1-2 additional yards)
  •          All-new aluminium loft sleeve (with the same weight as previously used plastic sleeves)
  •          Increased durability afforded by the new loft sleeves, while remaining backwards compatible
  •          Heavier sliding weight (15 grams heel-toe, 15 grams front-back)
  •          Lighter core (9-1-1 titanium alloy) resulting from lower-density material saves 3 grams
  •          Specialised changes made possible by a lighter skeleton
  •          4% larger footprint


Available Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degrees

Stock shafts:

  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65 (6.0, 6.5 flexes) - LOW
  • MRC Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi 60 (R, S, X flexes) - MID
  • Fujikura XLR8 Pro 56 (A, R, S flexes) – HIGH


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