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Hedgehog Fairway Protector

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The Hedgehog is a patented device with parabolic studs which fit onto a standard handpull trolley and allows it to be used without harming the golf course. Many greenkeepers now insist upon hedgehog fairway protectors during the inclement winter months. Help protect your golf course and prchase hedgehog fairway protectors for your trolley today from Fully secure, and fast online service.
  • Many golf clubs ban hand-pull trolleys in winter because the flat wheels compact and smear the turf in wet conditions and burn the grass in frosty conditions. The unprotected turf then takes longer to recover and so the bans are imposed.
  • The parabolic studs of the Hedgehog reduce contact with the soil surface by over 75% and glide over the surface leaving little or no impression and therefore inflict little or no damage.
  • Rather than imposing a full trolley ban during the winter, many clubs are now using a 'restricted' trolley ban, where pull trolleys fitted with Hedgehog Fairway rotectors are allowed to be used.
  • The reduced resistance makes your trolley easier to pull in all conditions.
  • Can be left on your golf trolley wheels throughout the whole year.
  • Hedgehog fairway protectors are supplied with two in each pack and are designed to slip over standard trolley wheels measuring 254mm x 76mm.
  • To fit the Hedgehog Fairway Protectors simply ensure your trolley wheels are clean and preferably wet. Attach the three fitting clips around the inside of each Hedgehog and push the Hedgehog over the trolley wheel. Once the Hedgehog is centered on the wheel, check that all the clips have located correctly and securely.
  • Please note that the Hedgehog Fairway Protectors are only designed for use on hand pull trolleys.




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