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PowaKaddy FW5i Trolley - Black

FW5i Trolley - Black

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PowaKaddy FW5i Electric Golf Trolley - Black

PowaKaddy FW5i Electric Golf Trolley – Black is a technological marvel designed to give players the highest levels of convenience and accessibility to their gear possible. It features a gorgeous and sleek appearance, and is loaded with useful features that will raise your expectations of electric golf trolleys forever.

Visually Stunning

  •          From the all-new, full colour widescreen display, to the low-profile PowaFrame chassis with stylish tube graphics, the FW5i is amazing to look at, and even more exhilarating to use
  •          Deluxe Sport wheels and tyres are low-profile and feature contrast spoke colours
  •          Everything about the contoured shape of the FW5i exudes sports car elegance and demands attention
  •          200w whisper quiet motor moves your gear around the course gracefully, and disguises the immense power of the FW5i Electric Golf Trolley
  •          Features rear diffuser and enhanced trims


An international approval and award programme, Quiet Mark, is associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation and recognises cutting-edge technologies designed to reduce the audio footprint of machines. PowaKaddy golf trolleys are the only on the market to hold this distinction, and have been awarded Quiet Mark’s accreditation for their innovative motors.

Increase Your Mobility

  •          Regardless of uneven terrain, slopes or turf conditions, the powerful FW5i uses its advanced lithium-ion battery and lightweight, but sturdy alloy frame to make your clubs available anywhere
  •          The unique PowaFrame chassis ensures effective distribution of weight, and reliable housing of your bag
  •          Your gear is kept in a secure and upright position, thanks to PowaKaddy’s Key Lock System that prevents twisting or lateral movement of your PowaKaddy golf bag


Industry-Leading Technology

  •          PowaKaddy lithium batteries feature more staying power because they use the latest in re-engineered lithium-ion technology
  •          Plug ‘n’ Play lithium battery has a longer lifespan than lead-acid equivalents, and comes with a *5-year full warranty
  •          USB charging port is conveniently integrated
  •          Electric golf trolley featuring ADF (Automatic Distance Function)
  •          Cutting-edge technology ensures minimal battery discharge during rounds


Easy Controls and Information

  •          Features a power on/off indicator and a digital power gauge
  •          Simple functions: Power, Pause, and Resume
  •          Beautiful widescreen display in full colour
  •          Function buttons integrated in the ambidextrous control with soft touch grip
  •          Easy to read battery fuel indicator


Fast and Convenient Setup

  •          Extremely simple 3-fold system requires little effort to use
  •          Folds to a compact size of only 385mm H x 860mm W x 570mm D
  •          18-hole 220Wh lithium battery is the thinnest on the market
  •          Equipped with front wheel tracking adjustment
  •          ADF allows you to direct your electric golf trolley to the next hole with pre-set distances (15, 30, and 45 yards)



  •          Trolley weighs only 9.4kg without battery
  •          570mm wheelbase
  •          Low-profile, high-performance PowaFrame chassis
  •          Soft touch, anti-pinch handles integrated with the bungee straps
  •          Measures 955mm H x 1285mm W x 570mm D when unfolded and ready for use
  •          18-hole lithium battery weighs 1.8kg
  •          36-hole XL lithium battery weighs 2.2kg
  •          18-hole lead-acid battery: 7.5kg
  •          Black exterior finish looks deep and solid



  •          2-year warranty on the PowaKaddy FW5i Electric Golf Trolley – Black
  •          5-year full warranty on the lithium battery


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