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Wilson D300 Driver

D300 Driver

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Wilson D300 Driver

Wilson has decided to remind golfers why they are a leader in technological innovations that redefine the game. They’re pushing the envelope with new designs that are inspired by the success achieved with the D200 range. For 2017, players can look forward to experiencing an aerodynamic driver with enhanced and proprietary SuperLight technology, making it one of the market’s fastest and lightest adjustable drivers to date. This design centres on allowing players to generate superior swing speed and power, without exerting greater than normal effort – this potentially increases accuracy as well, by enabling the golfer to focus on aim rather than force.

The new aerodynamic designed head shape is matched with equally impressive “Micro Vortex Generators” to deliver enhanced distance by reducing drag force considerably. These visible nubs create faster movement through the air, and are spoken of by Michael Vrska, Global Innovation Director of Wilson Golf, who states, “Micro Vortex Generators and Right Light are technologies that players can see and feel, but most importantly, the speed and distance benefits will be obvious from the first swing.”

Right Light technology, with an interchangeable weight, promotes faster swings with the same effort, ultimately resulting in longer shots with precision. “Innovation is at the core of all we do and elevating distance is something we take seriously,” said Michael Vrska, speaking to the improvements of the new D300 range. Including three draw options, a six-way adjustable hosel covers loft settings from eight degrees to fourteen degrees in half degree increments. Players are able to achieve their optimal launch angle with the three adjustable sole weights.

An interchangeable sole weights option (7- or 12-gram weights can be made available from the custom department; the club comes standard with a 2-gram weight) simplify the process of dialling in a swing weight to suit your desired feel. Additionally, without removing the head from the shaft, loft tweaks can be made easily (up to a degree). This implementation is proudly known as Green Means GO! Fast Fit technology, enabling golfers to make swift adjustments on the fly.

Notable Features:

  •          Available with 46-inch Matrix Speed Rulz A-Type 44 & 65 shafts
  •          D300 comes in 9°, 10.5° and 13° lofts
  •          3 adjustable sole weights
  •          6-way adjustable hosel with three draw options
  •          Loft settings from 8° to 14° are covered in half degree increments
  •          Quick adjustments without removing club head from shaft
  •          Reduction of drag forces (Micro Vortex Generators)
  •          Right Light Technology (swing faster with same effort)


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