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Ping Cadence TR B65 Heavy

Cadence TR B65 Heavy

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PING Cadence TR B65 Heavy Putter

Match your putter to the cadence of your swing

The PING Cadence TR series of putters are engineered to complement both the rhythm of your swing and the shape of your stoke. The impressive PING Cadence TR B65 Heavy is the perfect choice if you possess a slower swing tempo and a straight stroke.

Consistency is key to your putting performance and brings the confidence you need to hole more puts on every round. The Cadence TR B65 Heavy features PING’s True Roll (TR) Technology. Grooves on the putter face are deeper at the centre and shallower towards the heel and toe. The result is exceptional distance control even when you strike a little off-centre. The heavier weight of this putter suits a slower tempo and stabilizes your stroke if you tend to suffer from the jitters. Accuracy is enhanced on shorter puts ensuring that you make the most of good approach play. The contrasting sight line is an added bonus and helps you to line up your shots before you put. The conventional head of this fine putter is finished in striking black PVD for a premium look and a head cover is included to protect your club when you are on the move.

The PING Cadence TR B65 Heavy putter is designed to give you the confidence and feel that you need for greater consistency. The club is available with an adjustable shaft (31 – 38 inches) or with the standard 35 inch shaft. Please give our team a call to order the right PING Cadence TR putter for your game.

• Weighted to suit the tempo of your stroke
• Best suited to a slower swing and a straight stroke
• True Roll Technology for consistent ball speeds
• Black PVD finish
• Contrasting sight line
• Head cover included



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