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Sabona Athletic Bracelets

Athletic Bracelets

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Sabona Athletic Bracelet at www.clickgolf.co.uk

The NEW Sabona Athletic Bracelets feature the combination of 1200 gauss magnets and minus ion producing materials inside the colorful stretch fabric. Available in Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Pink. These Bracelets look great both on and off the golf course and for less than £10.00.

Purchase a Sabona Athletic Bracelet today at www.clickgolf.co.uk .
  • Magnets improve circulation and blood flow in the body, allowing the body to naturally increase the healing process.
  • Approx size guide - Small/Medium 7' - Large/X Large 8'
  • Minus ions fight off the positive ions that the body naturally absorbs, which are associated with causing fatigue and lack of concentration.
  • Each Sabona Athletic bracelet comes with five Samarium Cobalt 1200 gauss magnets and minus ion producing fabric.



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