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Oscar Jacobson SS18 £200 Prize Draw

Win £200 Vouchers to be redeemed against Oscar Jacobson Clothing at Clickgolf.co.uk.

Prize Draw closes at Midnight 22/04/18. Winner picked at random on 23/04/18.

Strictly restricted to those who purchase any item of Oscar Jacobson Clothing or you can alternatively enter directly by emailing sales@clickgolf.co.uk with the subject heading: Oscar Jacobson SS18 £200 Prize Draw. Please give your full name and contact email address. 

You will automatically be entered into the prize draw if you purchase any Oscar Jacobson garment during the period between 22/03/18 - 22/04/18.

If successful, we will contact you via the email address used when placing your order with a voucher code that can be redeemed within 6 months of issue. 

We will not share any information with our database other than a first name and your town. 

This promotion is sponsored by Oscar Jacobson.

Titleist Loyalty Rewarded Offer

Terms and Conditions

  1. Maximum of 1 dozen free per order/consumer.
  2. Orders can be placed from 15th March 2018.Last date for orders 30th April 2018.
  3. Maximum lead time 4 weeks from 1st April 2018.
  4. Pro V1 or Pro V1x only. Same model for all 4 dozens.
  5. Standard Play Numbers 1-4 or 5-8 & Special Play Number option available 00, 1–99. ALL 4 dozen must be either standard play number or ALL the same Special Play numbers.
  6. All golf balls must be personalised and the same message will be printed on all 4 dozen balls.
  7. Upper Case only. Red or black ink only. No mixed colours in individual orders.
  8. Maximum three lines of 17 characters inclusive of spaces on each line.
  9. Alpha numeric characters only. Dots and dashes can be included within alpha numeric, but will not be accepted on their own.
  10. Personalisation length will determine final character size. Short messaging will result in larger letters. Long messaging will result in smaller letters.
  11. Single Pole Only.

Last orders midday 30/04.

Motocaddy 2018 Trolley Trade-in Promotion Terms & Conditions

Promotional participants agree to be bound by the below Terms and Conditions. Any information or instructions published about the promotion at www.motocaddy.com/trade-in form part of the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Purchase any new (i.e. not used, ex-demo or ex-rental) Motocaddy electric trolley with Lithium battery between 00:01 (GMT) on Friday 20th April 2018 and 23:59 (GMT) on Saturday 30th June 2018 inclusive to be eligible to trade in any electric trolley (without battery) to receive a £50.00 (inc VAT) Cashback reward (paid by way of bank transfer).
  2. Promotion only available on purchases made within the United Kingdom mainland (excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Isles, Channel Islands and Isle of Man).
  3. Promotion only available to participants resident within the United Kingdom with a UK Sterling bank account.
  4. Promotion only available from participating United Kingdom retailers.
  5. Promotion available by redemption only - not available at point of purchase.
  6. Promotion not available on pre-ordered products. New electric trolley must be received by the claimant before the promotional closing date for the claim to be valid. Claims for electric trolleys ordered but not received before the closing date are invalid.
  7. To redeem the promotion, submit claim and upload a digital copy of proof of purchase at www.motocaddy.com/trade-in. It will also be necessary to supply your bank account details.
  8. Proof of Purchase must be printed receipt or Credit Card statement. Hand written receipts are invalid and will not be accepted.
  9. Financial details supplied for Cashback reward bank transfer will be stored on a secure server and both electric and any physical copies will be destroyed at the earliest opportunity.
  10. Motocaddy shall not be liable for failed claims resulting from incorrect information (including bank account details) entered by the participant during the claim process.
  11. Promotional claims must be submitted within 14-days of purchase date.
  12. Other than as set out in these terms and conditions or for the purposes of operating the Promotion, the details and information provided by the participant when entering the Promotion or claiming the Cashback reward will not be used for any promotional purpose, nor shall they be passed to any third party. Participants will be given the opportunity to opt-in to future marketing communications.
  13. Promotional claims will be validated by Motocaddy and valid claimants will receive a confirmation email including UPS shipping label. Claimant must drop trade-in product to a UPS access point within 14-days of email send date.
  14. Duplicate claims against individual trolley serial numbers or incorrect serial numbers will be rejected and queries must be taken up with your retailer.
  15. Trade-in product must be an electric (motorised) trolley (any brand, any model, any age, any condition). Trade-in product does not need to be in working order. Manual (push) trolleys cannot be used as a trade-in product.
  16. Trade-in product must be packaged within a suitable box which meets UPS delivery specifications.
  17. Trade-in product must not be returned with a battery included within the box as this will invalidate the claim.
  18. Subject to satisfactory completion of a valid Cashback reward claim, the Cashback reward payment will be made by Motocaddy via Bank Transfer within 40 days of participant drop-off at UPS access point.
  19. Motocaddy will notify the participant by email once the Bank Transfer has been made.
  20. Promotional Cashback rewards are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash or product.
  21. Any claims for purchases outside the promotional dates are invalid.
  22. This promotion is only available to end-users (i.e. not available to any Motocaddy retailer).
  23. Promotion not available in conjunction with any other offer.
  24. Promotion available subject to availability and Motocaddy reserve the right to withdraw the promotion prior to the promotional closing date without notice.
  25. Motocaddy reserves the right to disqualify claims which it considers do not comply with these terms and conditions or is considered fraudulent.
  • Promotional terms and conditions are subject to change without notice

Powakaddy Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms

1. With effect from January 1st 2017, PowaKaddy International Limited (‘PowaKaddy’) of Castle Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3RN provides to the purchaser of any new PowaKaddy product (the ‘Product’) purchased from an authorised retailer in the United Kingdom or Ireland ‡ a Manufacturer’s Limited Guarantee against inherent defects for the period, and on the exclusions and conditions, set out hereafter:

2. The “Standard” (also called “Full“) guarantee is subject to the following exclusions:

i. Accidental damage, customer misuse or neglect.

ii. Abnormal wear and tear.

iii. Rental or other commercial use.

iv. Unauthorised modification to the Product.

v. Faulty repairs by consumer or unauthorised agent.

vi. Failure to follow battery charging instructions, including discharging a battery to lower than 8 volts.

vii. Removal of or defacing Serial Numbers from any item invalidates the warranty.

3. The following conditions apply:

i. PowaKaddy’s Standard warranty scheme covers manufacturing defects that occur through normal use on an Electric Trolley.

ii. Any breakage caused by accidental damage or as a result of abuse and misuse or commercial use is not covered.

iii. Under this scheme, PowaKaddy will, at its own option, repair or replace the defective product or part free of charge.

iv. PowaKaddy reserves the right to inspect or test any Product claimed to be defective.

v. The period of guarantee commences on the date of purchase of the Product.  Proof of purchase and purchase date will be required.

vi. Any repairs or replacements made without charge do not carry a new warranty beyond that of the original purchase.

vii. Warranty registration at http://www.powakaddy.com/warrantyregistration/ within 30 days of purchase of an Electric Golf Trolley or Battery is required to ensure any claim can be processed promptly, without need for further proof of purchase.

viii. Warranty registration at http://www.powakaddy.com/warrantyregistration/ within 30 days of purchase is mandatory to qualify for the “5-Year Pro-Rata” and the “5-Year Full” warranty schemes.

ix. The guarantee is non-transferable and is only available to residents of UK and Ireland ‡.  Customers living outside UK or Ireland should contact their retailer or local distributor.

x. This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights.

Further information in respect of these statutory rights can be obtained from your local Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

4. In respect of the ‘5-Year Pro-Rata Warranty’ on Universal and Drop-In Lithium Batteries:

i. The battery is covered by a 3-year standard warranty from the date of purchase.

ii. Proof of purchase will be required.

iii. In addition to this standard warranty, PowaKaddy offer a “5-year Pro-Rata” limited warranty on the battery that is only applicable to batteries sold into the UK ‡.  It does not cover batteries sold from the UK to overseas countries ‡

iv. In order to qualify for this “5-Year Pro-Rata” limited warranty you must register at http://www.powakaddy.com/warrantyregistration/ with proof of purchase your warranty with PowaKaddy online ‡ within one month of purchase.

v. If your registered battery fails with 3 years of purchase, PowaKaddy will replace it free of charge.

vi. If your battery should fail during the 4th year of ownership PowaKaddy will offer you a brand new replacement for 30% off the listed purchase price of the battery.

vii. If your battery should fail in year 5, a brand new replacement can be purchased for a 15% discount off the listed purchase price.

viii. This pro-rata transaction will incur a postage charge and must be transacted directly with PowaKaddy; not through your retailer or service agent.

ix. This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights.

‡ Cross-Border Sales

PowaKaddy has an exclusive distributor that looks after the sales they have made in each of their franchised countries. This means that Warranties on products sold in one country are not transferable to another country because such contracts follow business‑to‑business transactions.

Retailers, especially online retailers, are therefore expected to make it clear that “out-of-country” sales only carry a “back-to-retailer” warranty. So, for example, a product purchased from the UK and shipped to the Ukraine will not be repaired under warranty in the Ukraine.  It will have to be shipped back to the UK before being considered for warranty repair in the UK. PowaKaddy will not pay for this shipping because it is a breach of contract with their distributor.  So consumers and sellers need to bear this in mind.

International regulations governing the transportation of lithium batteries mean that lithium batteries can only be handled by specialist carriers.  Furthermore, these regulations also preclude these carriers from transporting potentially “faulty” or “failed” lithium batteries.  Owners of companies in breach of these regulations are personally liable for breaches, as Amazon has recently found.  This effectively means that buying a lithium battery from another country completely defeats the offered warranty in the other country because it cannot be invoked.

The PowaKaddy website will therefore not allow registration of out-of-country warranty purchases.

Buyers and sellers, please be aware.

Further information in respect of these statutory rights can be obtained from your local Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.


About Us

Clickgolf are specialist online golf retailers supplying top quality brand named golf equipment, clothing and accessories at the best prices. We have been golf retailing for over 21 years and our products and prices are backed by our experienced staff who are available for FREE advice at all reasonable times. Personal callers are very welcome at our superstore located in Rainham, Kent (see above map) which boasts an excellent reputation for service, selection and quality and has been established since 1992.

How To Purchase Goods

We have made buying from www.clickgolf.co.uk as simple as possible. Our shopping basket will store items you have placed until checkout process has been completed. Each item for sale will have an order button. When you press this button you are taken to the order-processing page where the item will be automatically added to your basket. To view items in the shopping basket and amend them accordingly simply click on the 'show order' section.

You can input how many of each item you would like, decide to continue shopping, remove an item from the basket or check out and place your secure order. It is at this time you would be asked for your name and address and then your credit card details if the shop has online authorisation. From within the order processing page you can become a clubishop member - by doing this you will be entitled to various promotions that we run. It also enables us to store your personal information to assist you when checking out. This information will be stored in a 'cookie' on your computer. We will not store any such information on our system, in order to protect your privacy. The only details we cannot store are your credit card details.

Accepted Payment

Paying online is simple, we accept Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and all Debit Cards. For more details see above. If you place an offline order you will be contacted by one of our representatives to arrange payment - this can be by credit card, debit card, cheque, PayPal or Bank Transfer. (details upon request)

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Please make cheques payable to:

Medway Golf Centre Limited
Unit 11, Headcorn Business Centre, Maidstone Road, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9PT

Clickgolf reserves the right at any time to refuse any order or any part of an order.  We also reserve the right to require further or better information to enable, evaluate or process the order.

Is my transaction secure?

Every on-line transaction made within www.clickgolf.co.uk is transmitted across the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This industry standard method ensures that information sent from your browser is scrambled whilst in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server.

You are far safer using your credit card within www.golfgeardirect.co.uk than you are in a restaurant in your local high street. We take the issue of security very seriously and have taken every step possible to protect you. Our servers sit behind a state of the art hardware firewall and the computer that handles the card services is a bastion host of the ishop mall servers, and not accessible from the Internet.

We have employed the services of one of the countries' leading security experts who regularly monitors and updates our systems.

Medway Golf Centre Limited
Unit 11, Headcorn Business Centre, Maidstone Road, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9PT

What if I have problems ordering?

Common reasons for problems when pressing the order button are;
i) You are using an old browser that doesn't support SSL encryption.
ii) You are browsing from behind a corporate firewall that will not allow secure connections. Speak to the system administrator at your office. They will either rectify the problem or you will have to order from another location.
To check, point your browser to https://www.microsoft.com/ if you cannot connect to the Microsoft secure server it is likely that one of the above faults apply. If you are able to connect to Microsoft please call our hotline number and report the fault to us. We will assist you if we can.

What if I do not receive my goods?

Please wait 3-5 days if you are in the UK or 7-10 days if you are overseas. If you do not receive your goods after this period of time, please contact us on 0207 1830 1073 or at sales@clickgolf.co.uk with your order number to hand.

This number will be included in the e-mail you received when you ordered the goods from our shop. We will strive to resolve the issue immediately.


When is my credit card debited?

Your card will normally be debited when the goods are dispatched. An authorisation takes place when you place your order. This simply guarantees that the funds are available on your card and that payment will be made to us. This authorisation remains valid for ten days. When the goods are dispatched, we will debit funds from your account overnight directly into our own. If certain items in your order are out of stock or unobtainable we will only partially debit your card order. We are also able to cancel or refund individual items of your order should this become necessary.

What happens if my card authorisation fails?

If the authorisation fails, the most likely explanation is that you have input your card details incorrectly. If this happens, press the back button on your browser and you will be returned to the card input page. Check that all the details are correct, and make any changes necessary before proceeding. If all the details are correct and you still fail to get an authorisation then we advise that you contact your card issuer to establish why your card was not authorised. We will receive your order anyway and may contact you to arrange for alternative methods of payment.

What risks are involved in buying online?

All personal data, including your card number is transmitted over secure connections, meaning that no-one can 'eavesdrop' and capture your details. In addition to this, your card details are not viewable by us at all, they are simply transmitted over the bank's private X25 network for authorisation and payment transactions. You are protected because the transaction was carried out as 'Cardholder not present.' This means that any payments will be refunded to your card should it be used fraudulently by someone else or you do not receive what you ordered.

Stock Levels

Our products are offered subject to availability. We maintain a stock level of over 10,500 items at all times however from time to time we will experience low stock levels on fast moving items.

If for any reason we cannot supply you with any part of your order we will contact you via email or phone to advise you. We may need to cancel or refund the item from your order, in which case your encrypted payment details will be cancelled and no monies will be debited.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Returns Policy

Returns Address:
Medway Golf Centre Limited
Unit 11, Headcorn Business Park
Headcorn, Maidstone
TN27 9PJ

We offer a 21 day full refund policy. Any item must be returned to us within this time frame, unused and in it's full original packaging. Returns postage for non faulty items must be covered by the consumer and we are not able to refund your original postage costs if you have selected an enhanced delivery service.

Please note that in that golfgeardirect will not refund any enhanced postage fees (except if the goods are faulty or if you have received a wrong product). We would advise to use a tracked delivery service as we cannot be held liable for the loss of any parcel on its return journey to Clickgolf.co.uk

Returns Terms and Conditions

Returned goods must be unused, in a saleable condition and in their original packaging with all labels still attached.
All returns must have a completed returns form.
We will refund you to your original payment method.
We make no charge for returns, there is no restocking fee.
Customised items cannot be returned*
Gift vouchers are not refundable.
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.
Golfgeardirect customers have 21 days from date of delivery to return their orders. This excludes faulty/damaged items.
*We will not be able to accept any returns on products that have been custom built or that have been personalised. This excludes faulty items which can be returned in line with our standard faulty item return policy.

If you require a replacement or alternative product please visit the website and place a new order. This will simplify and speed up receipt of your new item.

All our products carry a full one year manufacturers warranty or longer where stated.

Should you receive a defective product, please email us at sales@clickgolf.co.uk to arrange an exchange or refund. We aim to replace any defective items with replacements. If this is not possible we shall refund you immediately. Exchanged items will only be sent after we have received the defective item back from you in its original packaging.

Please note : before returning any item for a refund please download and print our returns document from here. 

Acknowledgement of Orders

We will acknowledge all orders by automatic e-mail.

Conditions of Sale

Having placed an online or telephone order for despatch of goods there is a responsibility upon you the purchaser to be available to take delivery of these goods at the address you have requested for shipment. If goods are subsequently returned to us by our courier due to non-delivery owing to no reply at the delivery address you will be offered two options.(1)We shall re-deliver the goods to you with an additional administration charge of £10 to cover the cost of the courier charges for returning the goods to us and re-delivery to you.(2)We shall issue refund of your original charge minus a £10 administration charge to cover courier return charges and original postage and packaging costs.

Privacy Policy

We guarantee that we will not pass your details to any other company. Any personal data will not be transferred out of the EEA. If you do not give us your consent, all information received from you will be kept completely confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party.

Our terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Please note that we have the ability to retain any data that you provide on this website using VeCapture by Ve Interactive, even if you do not complete your registration/transaction by clicking submit/next. Such contact details and data may be used to contact you to enquire why you did not complete your registration/transaction.

Please contact us with any questions or queries you have regarding our website, service or any other related topic.

01622 891693 sales@clickgolf.co.uk


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