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FootJoy is known for designing and engineering some of the best golf shoes on the market and is often referred to as “The #1 Shoe in Golf”. But FootJoy also offers golfers a range of golf clothing, golfing waterproofs and golf accessories that look brilliant on the golf course. 

In 2022 FootJoy has released a range of golf shoes that not only look incredible but also provide golfers with the performance that they need on the golf course to have a brilliant round of golf. 

The FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoes have been designed to provide golfers with incredible support while they play so that more power can be created on every golf swing. By using an A-frame support and exterior heel counter this spiked shoe provides essential support that is needed to achieve powerful drives down the fairway thanks to the brilliant traction that is created with the turf. The 3D moulded heel also offers a stiffer support structure that holds your heel in place and supports a golfer's foot while swinging. To go along with the stability and functionality of this golf shoe, FootJoy has also made the Tour Alpha’s incredibly comfortable too with the use of a new FitBed cushioning system and a midsole that offers varying levels of softness to create fantastic comfort when walking the golf course.

FootJoy also offers a wide range of spikeless golf shoes that can be worn both on and off the golf course while providing incredible comfort and performance on the golf course. The FootJoy Pro SL golf shoe is a spikeless trainer that creates a perfect combination of stability and comfort thanks to the Infinity Outsole that has been used which provides an incredible 30% more traction points on the base for greater grip on the turf while being paired with a Stratofoam midsole that boasts incredible comfort. Because this trainer has a spikeless sole, and comes in a stylish looking design, it can easily be worn on the golf course as well as down the high street too. This golf trainer is also constructed using premium ChromoSkin leather that is incredibly comfortable while also providing 100% waterproof protection to keep your feet warm and dry on the golf course.

To ensure that when on the golf course golfers not only look great but also feel great while playing FootJoy clothing is always designed to provide incredible comfort while keeping players at the optimal temperature on the golf course. 

With a wide range of polo shirts and golf shirts, such as the Colourblock Pique golf polo or Digital Camo performance golf shirt, FootJoy offers stylish options on the golf course that use technological advancements to let you play a great round while remaining cool and comfortable. These golf shirts feature moisture-wicking technology which draws sweat away from the skin so that it can evaporate faster and keep golfers cool and comfortable while they play. The materials that are used in FootJoy golf shirts allow golfers to experience a great range of movement thanks to the lightweight construction. FootJoy also provides a great selection of women's golf polo shirts and tops that offer the same functionality and comfort on the golf course.

For colder conditions, FootJoy also offers both men and women golfers an incredible range of jumpers, cardigans and golfing waterproofs that are able to keep you warm and comfortable on the golf course in colder playing conditions. 

The FootJoy chill-out jumper offers golfers a mid-layer that is perfect for cooler conditions on the golf course by keeping you at the optimal playing temperature while also allowing for plenty of stretch and flexibility to create smoother and more fluid golf swings. This jumper is designed using double knit fabric that is able to hold onto a golfer's natural body heat to keep them warm, while the moisture-wicking technology helps to maintain this temperature to avoid overheating. The women's lightweight sweater from FootJoy also features the same product design while also using a four-way stretch system and lightweight construction for that women golfers can have a greater range of movement while swinging their golf clubs. 

Along with their golf shoes, FootJoy is known for providing the number one golf glove on the market thanks to the premium materials and engineering that goes into making them. Golf gloves such as the FootJoy HyperFLEX or CabrettaSof Golf Glove use premium leather in their designs while also allowing for plenty of breathabilities and feel so that golfers can create the best performances possible on the golf course.


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