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At Click Golf we offer an incredible range of Callaway Golf products so that you will always be able to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Callaway has created some of the best golf clubs of all time with the MAVRIK and EPIC Speed golf clubs offering players great performances on the golf course. But now, the addition of the Rogue ST golf clubs to the Callaway family means that golfers can now experience incredible power and distance on their shots. 

The Rogue ST driver is quickly becoming one of the most used and successful golf drivers in the 2022 campaign with players such as Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, Francesco Molinari all using the Rogue driver because of the use of the all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge that increases the amount of ball speed that can be generated off the face of the golf club, while the Jailbreak Speed Frame that has been created by artificial intelligence provides even more speed while provides the stability to create much more accurate drives down the fairways. 

Callaway offers golfers the option to pick the driver that suits their game best with the Rogue ST Max which is engineered for maximum speed, as well as, exceptional levels of forgiveness. Rogue ST MAX D has been built for golfers who want maximum levels of forgiveness from their drives. Rogue ST Max LS Driver focuses on increased stability, forgiveness and lower spin on the drives to offer players more workability at the tee. Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS Driver the Triple Diamond heads have been used previously with the Callaway Epic Speed and Mavrik drivers, using Tour feedback to create the latest version created for the use of higher quality players.

As part of the Rogue ST family, Callaway has also created a range of Rogue ST Irons that work to generate brilliant ball speed that can be created on every single shot they are played with. Just they did when designing the driver, Callaway has used a tungsten weighting and a faster face design so that golfers can always generate high ball speeds, but the use of a urethane microsphere allows for these irons to also offer great control and forgiveness on every golf swing too. 

These golf irons come in four variations to suit all skill levels - The Rogue ST Max OS Lite and Max OS Irons are great for golfers looking for game improvement clubs who need a little more forgiveness on shots, while also needing a little more launch and power. The Rogue ST Max irons are the standard for golfers who want to be able to play with a great set of irons for distance and control, who still want enough forgiveness while playing. And the Rogue ST Pro Golf Irons feature all of the best technologies used in the Rogue ST series and are tweaked them to create a set of irons that are suitable for low-to-mid single-digit handicap golfers who want to play with plenty of power while also being able to shape their shots. 

At Click Golf we also provide a wide selection of golf bags that have been created by Callaway that offer incredible storage and golf club protection while also coming with plenty of additional features such as waterproofing, electric trolley bases and easy to use stand systems. 

Both stand bags and golf carts bags are available to purchase, such as the Org 14 HD Golf Cart Bag. This golf bag provides golfers with a waterproof bag that is able to keep their golf clubs and personal belongings protected while having plenty of storage space for golfing accessories and golf waterproofs such as waterproof golf jackets. The golf bag itself is incredibly lightweight and easy to load on and off of a wide range of golf trolleys, while the 14 way top with full dividers allows for brilliant organisation of a player's golf clubs.

Callaway is known for designing some of the best golf clothing on the market that is seen on almost every golf course because of how well they are made and the impressive technology that goes into making them. 

At Click Golf we have a wide range of Callaway golf polo shirts, golf shirts, shorts, jumpers and jackets that look incredible on the golf course that all work to keep you comfortable while playing and always at the optimal temperature for a great round of golf. We also provide a range of Callaway golfing waterproofs such as waterproof golf trousers and waterproof golf jackets.


Callaway creates some of the best golf balls in the world, with variations that fit every playing style and power level so that golfers can get the best performance out of every golf swing. Chrome Soft golf balls allow golfers to generate impressive ball speed and control on every shot while also allowing for plenty of greenside spin. 

One of the most popular golf balls that Callaway has designed is the Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf ball. This golf ball offers incredible technological advancements such as a new Hyper-Elastic Softfast Core that allows golfers to experience greater ball speed on drives while allowing great control and feel when playing in and around the greens. The main feature of this golf ball is the inclusion of TaylorMade’s Triple Track alignment technology that provides a clearer indication to golfers about the lie of the golf ball for greater putting accuracy. This technology has been made famous by Phil Mickleson who won four times since 2019 using Triple Track technology. 


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