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PowaKaddy has been revolutionising the electric golf trolley mark for over 40 years thanks to the use of the intelligent designs and innovative engineering that has helped to advance the technology that can be used when on the golf course. Some of the electric golf trolleys that have been created by PowaKaddy have become the standard to which other golf trolleys need to be compared to. 

The PowaKaddy CT8 and CT6 electric golf trolleys are two of the golf trolleys that have become popular around the world because of their compact design that features a powerful battery and a full-colour touchscreen that makes this the world's smallest touchscreen GPS trolley.

This touchscreen that is used on these golf trolleys includes a widescreen display that allows golfers to experience a clearer image that can be viewed in all weather conditions. And to make sure that players are able to use this touchscreen on every golf course they go to, PowaKaddy has pre-loaded this golf trolley with the course maps of over 40,000 golf courses worldwide so that you will have clear and up-to-date maps that deliver fast and accurate distances to the front, centre and back of the greens, upcoming hazards and doglegs - all with no annual subscription of fees.

Designed using a PowaKaddy’s Simple-2-Fold system the CT series allows these electric golf trolleys to be folders 20% smaller than the previous Powakaddy compact models, and a staggering 35% smaller than its nearest competitor on the market. This folding system makes it even easier to pack these golf trolleys away so that they can be placed in a golf trolley cover or placed in the back of a car to head home. 

PowaKaddy prides itself on offering state of the art battery systems that allow their electric golf trolleys to be powered all day so that golfers can enjoy a full day of effortless golf. This includes the Plug N Play battery system that allows golfers to quickly and easily slot a battery into their golf trolley without having to worry about wires or cables. These batteries allow for a full 18 holes of golf to be played, or with the extended range batteries, golf trolleys can travel around up to 36 holes.

PowaKaddy also offers a wide range of push golf trolleys too to allow golfers to purchase an affordable golf trolley that still features plenty of PowaKaddys features and styling. 

The PowaKaddy Micra golf trolley is a lightweight and stylish option that uses a clever two-step folding system that makes it easy to erect when arriving at the golf course while also being easier to fold down and fit into smaller storages spaces. Using a compact 3-wheel design, which features a wide wheelbase, allows golfers to push or pull this golf trolley with the confidence that their golf clubs are stored with plenty of stability. 

To make sure that your golf clubs are stored securely while being easy to access on the golf course, PowaKaddy has created a range of golf cart bags that pair perfectly with their golf trolleys. 

One of the golf bags that has found great success with golfers is the PowaKaddy Premium Editions Trolley Bag due to its incredibly lightweight design, incredible storage space and stability system. Constructed using a combination of materials which includes lightweight vinyl and PU leather to keep the overall weight to a minimum to weigh only 3kg so that it is incredibly easy to load on and off of a golf trolley. This bag comes with a 14-way divider top so that golf clubs can be stored in a much more organised way for easier access, while also offering 9 pockets that allow for great storage of golfing accessories. The bag also features a large apparel pock that can easily fit golf clothing such as golfing waterproofs like waterproof golf trousers or waterproof golf jackets, as well as sweaters, cardigans and golf shorts so that you are prepared for all weather conditions.


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