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Galvin Green

Galvin Green is known for creating some of the best golf clothing on the market today, with an amazing range of golf polo shirts, golf trousers, waterproof golf jackets and golf shorts that all feature brilliant features and technologies that ensure every golfer can play in a comfortable outfit for the best performance possible on the golf course.

Galvin Green produces a brilliant range of golf polo shirts that not only look great but also feature brilliant technologies that work to keep you cool and comfortable on the golf course. The  Galvin Green Mac ventil8 Golf Polo Shirt uses Ventil8 technology to provide incredible breathability and airflow to ensure that during warmer days on the golf course golfers remain cool. This has been paired with the moisture-movement technologies that allow for sweat to be moved across the fabric to evaporate faster and keep you cool and comfortable while playing a great round of golf.

To make sure that in colder weather conditions, such as the start of autumn or early mornings on the golf course, Galvin Green has created a great range of jumpers, sweaters, pullovers and hoodies to ensure that golfers are always warm and comfortable so that they can create brilliant performances on the golf course.

A product that provides this warmth and comfort is the Galvin Green Drake Insula Half Zip Golf Pullover. This jumper has been designed by Galvin Green so that golfers can easily play a great round of golf while being held in an incredibly comfortable and warm jacket that uses INSULA fabric to provide this thermal comfort. The INSULA fabric that has been used in several Galvin Green products uses “air chambers” in the material that is able to absorb the body heat generated by a golfer to store so that long-lasting thermal insulation can be provided. This cardigan offers brilliant warmth for golfers to enjoy on the golf course, while also providing excellent breathability so that golfers can remain at the optimal temperature while playing. 

In the UK the weather is unpredictable and always changing, and this can be devastating for a golfer who has dressed for a sunny day and gets caught in a downpour of rain. 

Galvin Green has designed the Armstrong GORE-TEX Pactlite Waterproof Golf Jacket so that golfers are able to continue playing golf in heavy rain conditions while still remaining warm and dry. This waterproof performance has been achieved by using the GORE-TEX Paclite martial that Galvin Green has used on a number of products because of the waterproof protection it provides while also offering brilliant stretch and flexibility so that golfers can experience a great range of movement on their golf swing so that brilliant performances can be created while remaining warm and comfortable. This golf swing movement is made even easier thanks to the shaped sleeves which have been used to allow for easier movement, and side seams have been repositioned for the optimal amount of comfort in this golf jacket.

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