Having a great set of irons in your golf bag can save a round if the driver and woods you have just aren’t generating the distance and accuracy you need for a great game of golf. TaylorMade knows this is a key issue that golfers have to face and so over the years have created a wide range of irons that are suitable for golfers of different skill levels and playing styles.

The irons that TaylorMade creates can range in the distance, spin and launch that can be created, meaning that there is always a set of irons that are perfect for your play style. However, working out which irons are suitable for your golf swing is where it becomes tricky, so here is a list of some of the best TaylorMade irons on the market today and just what they offer golfers.

TaylorMade Stealth Irons

The Stealth irons are the new game improvement golf clubs from TaylorMade that have been designed to provide golfers with incredible accuracy and forgiveness on shots, but also allow for incredible ball speeds to be generated so that the greens will always be within shooting distance.

The way that this speed and distance has been achieved is by taking the Cap Back Design which found great success with the SIM 2 Max irons, and update it to work with a new toe wrap construction. This pairing allows for increased face flexibility to deliver faster ball speeds, while keeping the forgiveness that you’d expect from a cavity back golf club.

to players' shots. But for Stealth, this design was used with a toe wrap construction.

The pairing the Cap Back design with this toe wrapped allows for increased distance, forgiveness and feel that you get from these clubs. By using this pairing weight was able to be shifted from the toe to the sole of the golf clubs, creating an extreme centre of gravity that allows the Stealth Irons to easily launch the golf ball into the air, so even a novice golfer can generate some serious distance and ball flight.

And to make sure that golfers have all the power they can ever want with these golf clubs, a 450 stainless steel face was used which has a sweet spot positioned so that explosive ball speeds can be created consistently.

If you would like to find out more about these clubs, you can read the full review of the TaylorMade Stealth Irons here.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

For many golfers the P790 irons are the best irons that TaylorMade have ever created, and some might argue are amongst some of the best irons that have ever been made. While these golf clubs look like a set of forged irons that can generate some serious power and could be too much for most golfers to handle, these irons provide much more forgiveness than you’d think.

With the hollowbody construction TaylorMade chose to place the new and improved SpeedFoam Air insert behind the face of the club. This insert is 69% lighter than the previous design which allows for much more flexibility in the face that not only allows for faster ball speeds but also increased forgiveness.

One of the other improvements that the speed foam allowed for was the improved launch that was achieved by the weight reduction in the new design. This was then paired with a lighter and much thinner 8620 carbon steel construct that lowered the centre of gravity of the club. And for even more stability and forgiveness, because of the weight saved a 31 gram tungsten weight was able to be placed in the toe of the club.

All of this forgiveness is a brilliant addition to have with a set of irons that are able to generate brilliant ball speed and power with the ultra-thin face that uses an intelligent sweet spot design.

TaylorMade P770 Irons

Taking the performance from one golf club and being able to shrink it down to a more compact design is a very impressive feature, but the engineers at TaylorMade were able to achieve this with the P770 irons.

While the P790’s are a great set of golf clubs, and even though they provide a great amount of forgiveness and power, not every golfer would be able to achieve great results with them. The P770’s were created to be a much more playable option for a wider range of golfers while offering almost exactly the same performance of the larger and more intimidating sibling.

The P770 irons were engineered to use a hollow body construction that used a steel face and soft carbon steel body to allow 46 grams of tungsten weight to be added, 15 grams more than the P790’s. This increase of the internal weight delivered much more explosive distance to shots while still offering plenty of forgiveness.

While the power and control that coud be achieved were very similar to the larger irons, where the difference could be seen the most was the amount of height in the launch that could be generated from the P770’s with reduced spin that produced consistent carries. So even if you aren’t able to create a devastating explosive shot with these irons, they are much easier to launch into the air for more consistent distance on shots targeting the greens.

These irons are a great addition to your bag if you appreciate a forgiving club that is able to create long and accurate shots, while also being able to play well even on mishits.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Irons

The SIM 2 Max were a great set of game improvement irons that were able to do two very impressive things, provide golfers with incredible ball speeds and allow for higher ball flight for greater distances to be achieved.

This was the iron that utilised the Cap Back Design, which replaced the Speed Bridge technology that was used on the SIM Max, that was paired with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to allow for a face that could create maximum flexibility to allow for increased ball speeds to be created much more easily.

To make it almost too easy for golfers to now be able to create ball speeds that would easily get them to the greens every time, the SIM 2 MAX featured an intelligently positioned sweet spot on the face that covered the most common impact points that a golf ball would connect with the club. This design almost guaranteed explosive ball speeds on every single shot that a golfer would make.

But what also makes these irons so great is that with all this new technology that is integrated in a hollowback design, they actually feel like they have been forged. With the use of the ECHO® Damping System the polymer insert is able to remove any harsh vibrations that are created on shots so players experience incredible feel when using these irons.

TaylorMade P7MB Irons

TaylorMade sponsors some of the best golfers on the planet, and with the P7MB they had golfers such as Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy as sounding boards of how this iron should be designed and feel like. Having that kind of input instantly means these irons have something different about them.

Right off the bat these golf clubs have been created using a method that is different to the normal. These irons have been forged using 1025 carbon steel which then goes through a five step process of going through a 2,000-ton press (this is actually three times the standard weight used in the industry when forging golf clubs). By using this forging process TaylorMade claims that the steel head becomes much more tightly compact and provides enhanced feel.

The P7MB irons are arguably the prettiest irons on this list with a classic muscleback design featuring Tour-inspired shaping in a contemporary design. An elegant design that uses smooth brushed carbon steel that catches and reflects the suns rays to create an even more amazing look.

This golf club has alused used CNC milling on the face and grooves to provide golfes with precision accuracy on shots on a consistent basis. And ss with most blades, these irons are best suited for golfers of a higher level who are looking for more quality and feel from their shots rather than forgiveness.

However, despite this the P7MB are considered to offer great workability and control thanks to the movement of the centre of gravity.

TaylorMade P7TW Irons

When you want to find out how to make the best food on the planet you go and talk to a world class chef, when you want to build the fastest car possible you go to a formula one mechanic and if you want to build an incredible set of golf irons it only makes sense that Tiger Woods is the person that you goto.

When creating the P7TW irons the engineers and designers at TaylorMade had the chance to pick the brain of one of, if not the greatest golfer of all time to match his specification so that people would be able to play with a set of clubs that are just the ones Tiger Woods actually uses.

To match what Tiger Woods wanted, these irons feature milled grind soles so that golfers can experience incredible precision on every shot consistently by promoting greater turf interaction for cleaner golf swings. Precise amounts of tungsten has been placed within the head of each golf club to produce a specific combination of trajectory control, workability and greater feel on impact.

These golf clubs allow players to generate excellent distance, power and accuracy so that you can create some incredible approach shots to the greens. The only difference between the irons that you are able to buy and the ones that were designed for Tiger Woods is that the ones you buy will have much stronger lofts. 99.9% people wouldn’t be able to play with the weaker lofts that Tiger uses.

While these golf clubs are brilliant to play with, the fact that you could be owning the exact irons that Tiger Woods designed and plays with makes them just that much more special. 

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