Having a great set of irons in your golf bag can save a round if the driver and woods you have just aren’t generating the distance and accuracy you need for a great game of golf. TaylorMade knows this is a key issue that golfers have to face and so over the years have created a wide range of irons that are suitable for golfers of different skill levels and playing styles.The ir …
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Types Of PuttersWhen choosing the putter you want you will have to become very open to the design and look on your putter because the type of putting motion you play with will ultimately determine what type of putter you have. Before getting to any kind of head design or the type of faces you can use, you need to decide on the type of balancing you want your putter to have. The …
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Your Guide To Golf Irons

20th Apr 2022

What are they used for?Irons are used for a variety of shots on a golf course, playing a shot on to or as near to the green as possible, but with a focus on accuracy rather than power and distance. Irons are used to loft a ball high into the air to create a steep downward angle so that when the ball finally comes to the green it is able to stay on the green rather than the mome …
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What Are Wedges For?It's said that around a quarter of all shots that are made on a golf course are played using a wedge, so if that isn’t an incentive to get the right wedge we don't know what is. The wedge has the highest loft - brilliant for short approach shots (shots that are normally around 120 yards or less from the green), chip shots, shots played from the bunker and ba …
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Titleist has released their new range of golf balls for 2022, with the AVX, Velocity and TruFeel options to choose from all offering incredible control and distance on your shots.The AVX is in its third generation since first launching in 2017, but the newest version has been designed for higher-level golfers who are looking to take their game to the next stage of progression. …
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