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adidas Golf is available with, featuring the full range of adidas Golf Shoes, including the new S2G BOA, S2G SL and TOUR360, while also having an incredible range of golf apparel that provides brilliant functionality on the golf course that has been paired with brilliant styling. 

adidas shoes are famous around the world for the style and performance that their trainers, football boots and golf shoes are able to provide and at Click Golf we have some of the best on offer with both spiked golf shoes and spikeless golf shoes on offer. 

With adidas golf shoes such as the adidas S2G SL and adidas S2G BOA golfers are able to experience a waterproof golf shoe that offers incredible comfort and traction on the golf course so that golfers can create amazing golf shots in even the worst weather conditions. The sleek and stylish designs that adidas golf shoes are available offer a mixture of sporty and athletic performance that is paired with a premium design. adidas offers an incredible range of golf shoes that offer brilliant traction with the spiked golf shoes that allow for incredible performances to be achieved, and spikeless golf shoes that offer the same performances but in a much more sport and comfortable construction. 

adidas is one of the biggest brands in the world, and one of the biggest brands in golf, supplying quality golf equipment in almost every category. Click Golf supplies golfers with a wide range of clothing options that include clothing options that are perfect for every weather condition that golfers may face on the golf course. 

For wetter conditions, adidas golf offers players brilliant golfing waterproofs that are able to keep you warm and dry as you play, with items such as waterproof golf trousers and waterproof golf jackets. This waterproof performance is also matched in a wide range of golf shoes that have been treated to ensure that when wearing adidas trainers or golf shoes you can wear and be confident that your feet will remain cool and dry throughout the day.

Playing golf early in the morning can lead to playing in much cooler conditions that can make golfers feel cold and uncomfortable while can lead to worse performances. To make sure that you are always playing golf at the optimal temperature adidas has designed a wide range of jumpers, cardigans and sweaters so that golfers can play a great round while being warm and comfortable. The golf jumpers also feature plenty of design accessories that allow the materials to breathe and allow for greater airflow to avoid overheating while playing. 

A great example of the performance that adidas offers with their mid-layer products is the Primegreen Novelty Golf Hoodie. This hoodie offers golfers an incredibly comfortable layer that is able to keep you warm on the golf course while also still being incredibly flexible so that your golf swings are affected. The lightweight fabrics that are used make it easier to move in this jumper while still remaining warm and comfortable as well as providing UV protection while on the golf course.

adidas golf has designed an incredible range of golf shirts and golf polo shirts that offer golfers a wide variety to choose from to fit their own personal style. All the golf shirts that have been designed by adidas offer unique design features that include moisture-wicking performance that works to keep you cool and dry on the golf course, while also offering water-repellent coatings that ensure that during light showers golfers can remain cool and dry. To make sure that golfers remain comfortable on the golf course while also being able to create brilliant performances, the materials that have been used in these shirts allow for stretch and flexibility so that smoother and more fluid golf swing form can be created consistently. 

All of the clothing that is created by adidas golf has been designed using state of the art technology for the best performances possible, while also featuring plenty of reusable and recycled materials as part of adidas's commitment to helping end plastic waste in the world's oceans. This includes using Primegreen material, which is a series of recycled materials that offer high-performance sports clothing. 

At Click Golf golfers are able to also browse a wide range of golfing accessories from adidas golf that look great and help you to play great with items such as golf belts, golf hats and backpacks. Also adidas offers a wide range of golf clothing options for junior golfers so they are able to play in the same style of clothing as their parents while also being able to experience the quality and performance that goes into every item of clothing. 

Some of the notable Tour players who wear adidas clothing include Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Colin Morikawa who all trust the incredible performance and styling of adidas to create some of the best golf apparel that is available on the market today. 


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