18-Hole Lithium

18-Hole Lithium Batteries need very little maintenance and are extremely efficient although every few years, we recommend replacing your trolley battery for maximum performance. Our selection caters many different 18-hole golf trolleys, inclusive of PowaKaddy and Motocaddy.

36-Hole Lithium

Replacing your trolley battery is a straight forward experience at Click Golf. You'll find a 36-Hole Lithium Golf Trolley Battery waiting to enhance the performance of your Electric Golf Trolley frame.

Lead Acid

Find the right match for your game, by browsing from a selection of standard 18 hole or 36 hole lead acid batteries. Upgrade to Lithium and save weight and charging time, plus, gain a five-year conditional guarantee. If you're regularly playing longer rounds and heading out for 36-holes then we strongly suggest that you invest in the battery which can fulfil your needs, and keep up with your game, while an 18-hole battery suits golfers who are only visiting the course for consistently shorter rounds, either 9-holes or 18-holes. This will ensure better maintenance and allow you to maximise the performance of your game. Choose from a range of Electric Golf Batteries, suitable for Motocaddy Electric Golf Trolleys and PowaKaddy Electric Trolleys from your trusted online golf stockist of more than 25 years.

Golf Batteries


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